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Disjunct: Technically Gifted Musicians Who Push Boundaries

Nicole Brice

Aug 23, 2023

Disjunct is redefining the sound of music for a new generation

In a society where music has become synonymous with formulaic beats and predictable melodies, occasionally a band emerges to challenge the status quo. Disjunct, an up-and-coming experimental band that formed in 2021 as a jam project in Freetown, Louisiana, became more serious about their craft in April 2022 and began seriously writing and playing more live shows.


The band consists of Brock Bonin (guitarist), Tony Struhldreher (drums), and Trent Hebert (bass). These guys recently played Rad Fest 2023 in downtown Lafayette, Louisiana, and their set was nothing short of remarkable. As we watched guitarist Brock Bonin play last Saturday, MaM Lead Photographer Gary Governale and I both remarked, “Damn, that guy is good!”

Credit: Gary Governale


Disjunct is a band unafraid to experiment and push boundaries. Blending elements of psychedelia, progressive rock, djent, and jazz, their music defies categorization. Their ability to seamlessly merge different styles and genres results in a truly original sound that leaves a lasting impression on listeners. Disjunct refuses to be boxed in, constantly striving to transcend musical expectations, and with band influences ranging from Jimi Hendrix to Primus to Chon, the end result “is a culmination of our preferences that mesh together to form a new and unique sound,” says founding member Brock Bonin.

Credit: Gary Governale


When it comes to live performances, Disjunct draws the line in the sand. The band’s synergy cannot be missed because, like a fine-oiled machine, each member brings their unique flair. The passion with which Disjunct performs is an unforgettable experience. If you missed their set at Rad Fest, bummer—but rest assured these guys have much more on the horizon for the remainder of 2023 and beyond, and we’ve got a small snippet of their performance for you below. We were able to ask Brock a few questions about Disjunct, so check out a little Q & A and then stay tuned for more from these guys!



MaM: I can’t seem to find any music for you on Bandcamp or Spotify. Where can I find your music?


BB: We are actively working on putting together recorded music for our listeners. There is an EP dropping this fall, with new single releases to follow shortly after. 


MaM: Are there any notable shows you guys have played yet besides Rad Fest?


BB: Disjunct preformed Marsfest as well as the Festival International after a party hosted by Artmosphere.  

Credit: Gary Governale


MaM: Who or what influences you to write music?


BB: A large part of our writing process comes from the general idea that we want to stay original. Most of the music has been written from the ground up based on ideas that presented themselves organically during jam sessions. 

MaM: Where do you see the band headed in the future?

BB: We have plans to grow together as a group and mature our music into a more cohesive sound. Things to look forward to are a heavier ambiance, extended-range guitars, and more technical proficiency all around. 


Disjunct is a band that is challenging conventions, turning heads, and offering a breath of fresh air to the local music scene. To learn more about Disjunct, visit them on social media via one of the links below.


Instagram: Disjunct (@disjunctband) • Instagram photos and videos

*Cover Photo - Gary Governale


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