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Color, Form, and Texture with a Modern Twist

Nicole Brice

Nov 28, 2022

Chris Bond

Color, form, and texture are the words that come to mind when I think of this artist I am about to introduce you to. Color truly is everything. It doesn’t matter which medium is used because if something has a pop of color and catches my eye, I am hooked, and the stunning use of color and imagery used in these pieces is no exception.

Let me introduce you to work of Chris Bond.

Chris is a Baton Rouge based artist using texture and form to create colorful visual masterpieces reminiscent of a style made famous by Vincent Van Gogh. Each piece is unique and different and makes you stop to think and admire all the beauty in the world that serves as inspiration for those who create.

He likes to manipulate acrylics to make them look like oils.  In fact, had he not told me that he prefers acrylics, I would have thought he was using oil paint all along.

Chris credits William Whistler as an inspiration because “he was the father of modern art, right?”, says Bond. Although he prefers working with acrylics, he will utilize any medium to achieve the results he is looking for, because to him, the surface one uses to create is just as important as the materials.  No truer words have been spoken.

Crediting his grandmother, Claudia, as his true inspiration, he has been creating ever since he could walk and pick up a crayon to color, and at 55 years old, this artist’s work is something to take note of and be inspired by.

For more information about this stunning artist’s pieces and to see his work, you can visit him on social media at:

Chris Bond | Facebook

If you are interested in purchasing pieces from him, he can be reached at:


If you would like to have your art featured, hit me up at

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