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Chill Fest 2024 Music and Arts Festival

Bud Gambrell

Jan 25, 2024

Chill Fest 2024 unquestionably lives up to its name and is an incredible opportunity to hear local music and support the community’s young musicians.

The inaugural Huntsville Winter music and arts festival known as Chill Fest 2024 happened on Saturday, January 13, in downtown Huntsville, Alabama. Presented by The Quantaphonics in partnership with Huntsville Music Scene, Downtown Huntsville, and The Camp at MidCity, the festival’s sole purpose is to help area families access quality music education by raising funds for the Huntsville City Schools band programs. Chill Fest Music and Arts Festival unquestionably lived up to its name and was successful in establishing itself as an incredible opportunity to support the community's young musicians and enjoy some fantastic music.

Chill Fest was originally scheduled for early December, but it was postponed due to the threat of severe weather. When I learned about it, I remember wondering what an outdoor music event in January would be like in North Alabama, even though it’s in the South. Generally, mid-January is quite chilly and is sometimes susceptible to Winter storms of ice and snow. Luckily, any snow and ice held off until after the festival. When I arrived at the event location, it was 42 degrees, and by the time I left, the temperature had plummeted to near freezing.

Chill Fest occurred at The Camp at MidCity, and I must say I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of effort that went into organizing this event. Apart from a spacious performance stage, there was also an artist market, food trucks, and games to keep the children entertained. To add to the excitement, local brewery Straight to Ale canned a special "Chill Out" beer exclusively for the event.

Music entertainment was, of course, the main attraction of the day. All music was performed by talented local artists, such as Mae C. Jemison and Columbia High School Bands. The local bands that took the stage included Rocket Harmony, Huntsville Drumline, Wade Brown, You Gene Write, Element XI, Them Damn Dogs, Dave Anderson, Trevor Lee featuring DJ PrimeTime256, and event organizers The Quantaphonics.

One would expect an event titled Chill Fest to be, well, chill, and this event didn’t disappoint. Despite the cold weather, it was clear that the organizers succeeded in creating a family-friendly environment. However, it was more than that: There was a palpable sense of camaraderie and fellowship that pervaded the entire event. It felt like everyone there was in a great mood, and I felt like I either knew or would soon get to know everyone in attendance.

For those of you who are in or around Huntsville, I highly recommend keeping an eye out for the announcement of Chill Fest 2025. Put on some gloves and thick socks, and head over to enjoy this fantastic event. It can't get any better than this. You get to spend time outdoors, listening to great music and bonding with fellow attendees. And the best part is that the event supports music for children, so you get to have fun while contributing to a good cause.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better inaugural festival,” said event organizer and lead singer of The Quantaphonics Leon Jordan. “The community showed up and showed out! We learned a great deal throughout the process of hosting a music/arts festival, and we plan on continuing our efforts for years to come. Chill Fest is here to stay to aid not only our Huntsville youth in music but also the small business owners and artists of Alabama.”

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*All photos by Bud Gambrell with Dragonfly Imagery

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