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What Will Be: Slow Down

Erica Machen

Nov 3, 2023

“Slow Down” by Manchester-based band What Will Be serves as an alt-rock anthem for post-pandemic healing and is a testament to the beauty of human creativity.

In the world of alternative rock, where raw emotion and edginess often take center stage, "Slow Down" by five-piece UK-based band What Will Be—due for release November 3rd—stands out as a refreshing departure. Strongly influenced by the sound of the 90s, “Slow Down” evokes a sense of nostalgia reminiscent of bands like Incubus and Hoobastank. For those who turn to alternative rock and grunge-era music as a source of solace, "Slow Down" not only captures the essence of the past but infuses it with positive vibes that resonate deeply with listeners and make it a must-listen in challenging times.

Released November 3, 2023

What Will Be is made up of Bram (guitar/vocals), Jonny (guitar), James (bass/vocals), JK (drums/vocals), and Chris (keyboard/piano). Bram doubles down his talent by being the band’s primary songwriter with lyrics inspired by his own life and observations. With his acoustic guitar in hand, Bram became a vessel for inspiration in weaving early lyrics and melodies together for “Slow Down”. Upon bringing it to the rest of the guys at their purpose-built studio in Manchester, the true awakening happened. Organically, JK and James worked up the rhythm section, Bram added more layers with the guitar, and Chris wove in his piano melodies and strings. What they so naturally produced with “Slow Down” is a testament to the beauty of human creativity.

Credit: Photo provided by band

“Slow Down” has profound relevance in our post-pandemic world, where feelings of isolation have become all too common. While it was originally penned to convey the struggle against illness and the missed opportunities to connect with loved ones, its message touches the hearts of anyone who has felt the burden of isolation. The song invites listeners to embrace their support networks and acknowledge those who stood by them during their most vulnerable moments.


One of the noteworthy characteristics of "Slow Down" is its compelling vocal performance. Bram pours raw emotion into his lyrics, highlighting the authenticity and heartfelt journey through pain, healing, and ultimately, resilience. The lyrics, with the recurring phrase "feel time slow down," carry a powerful message. This line resonates with anyone who has experienced moments when life seems to come to a standstill, and yet, it also celebrates the rare instances when time aligns remarkably with our needs. With “Slow Down”, What Will Be has achieved a fantastic ability to address complex emotions and responses to life's challenges while offering listeners a sense of understanding and shared experience—a must-listen in challenging times.


In a world still struck with the aftermath of the global pandemic, What Will Be’s "Slow Down" serves as a poignant reminder that there's strength to be found in our connections and resilience in the face of life's challenges. The song's fusion of raw emotions, energy and positivity offers a ray of hope, and underscores the enduring spirit of the human experience. "Slow Down" is more than just a song; it's a testament to the healing power of music and a call to embrace the journey of resilience, no matter where you are in life. In capturing the essence of the past alongside deep human emotion, “Slow Down” showcases the boundless wellspring of talent within What Will Be, and surely makes it a must-listen track.

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