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OTIS: Shagnasty's Grubbery & Pour House

Bud Gambrell

Apr 18, 2024

Huntsville, Alabama April 13, 2024

On Saturday, April 13, 2024 Shagnasty's Grubbery and Pour House in Huntsville, Alabama hosted a great evening of rock and roll with Huntsville’s own 5ive O’Clock Charlie and Tres Locos who warmed up the crowd for Kentucky grown rock band OTIS. With Boone Froggett on guitar and vocals, John Seeley on bass, Alex Wells on guitar and Dale Myers on drums, OTIS played a crowd welcoming set of their signature blues based rock ‘n roll.

Credit: Bud Gambrell

For such an established band, the crowd was just not as big as expected. This was my second time to see OTIS perform, and they did not disappoint. With a spotless performance, those who were lucky enough to be in attendance, were able to witness some in your face rock full of magic. For those who were not there, check out my gallery of crispy photos below and then be sure to listen to the band's music on one of your favorite streaming services.

I was able to speak with a few patrons in attendance, and they had this to say of OTIS' performance:


“I will literally drop everything to go see them when they are in town.”

-Nikki Simonson-


“That was all kinds of Badass!”

-Eric Pendergrass-


“What a great night of music and friends. OTIS is a kick ass band and I hope they can make it back to Huntsville soon!”

-Tammy Fields Deaton-


“These guys are amazing!!!”

-Jeff Odom-


“I’m obsessed, they are so good!”

-Brandi Burgess-


“Thick brick right upside the head rock!”

-Mark “Road Loaf” Parnell-

*All photos by Bud Gambrell with Bud Gambrell Photography

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