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Britney Spears: A Stifled Talent

Nicole Brice

Apr 25, 2024

It's time for her to be heard!

Born and raised near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I’ve always felt a strange connection to the pop star known as Britney Spears. I always like to tell people my music tastes range from the music of Britney Spears to the metal masters of Slayer, which it actually does. Good music is good music, right? If it resonates with you, then that means something. I didn’t always like Britney's music, though. In the beginning, I thought it sounded too processed and fake. As the years passed, I would come to appreciate the music she was putting out and it became the soundtrack to the life I wanted. Also, too, I have always thought Britney’s public persona in the early years was my alter ego if I had the balls to truly be me. Instead, I am shy and timid, and I hide, but given the interviews and reports throughout the years on Ms. Spears, I feel she isn’t much different. She comes off as a very sweet and genuine human being who has been molded and shaped to fit the agenda of those who benefit from her talent.

Initially when Britney came on the scene in 1999, I was envious and jealous of her beauty, career, and fame. After all, there was a girl the same age as me, from the same state as me, living out her dreams and I felt it just wasn’t fair, but who was I to be jealous of an individual with remarkable talent when I can’t carry a tune much less dance.  Now, at 42 years old, I feel connected to the pop sensation more than ever due to us both being born in 1981, being mothers, and both having our families turn on us during times of need. I also feel, too, like me that Britney is gravely misunderstood. Beneath the sad eyes and erratic videos of her half naked dances, I see a woman confused on life, confused on her identity, and just plain confused about what she should do or where she should turn. She seems lost and hopeless but puts on a smile for her fans and does the only thing she has ever known to do, sell her body, in hopes that she is seen and heard. Britney’s talent goes far beyond her half-naked romps on the beach, though. She can sing and although her voice has been stifled all these years by those wanting her to portray a sexier image, proof of her true raw talent is on the track, “Just Like Me” from her album, “Glory”, released in 2016.

Just Like Me” starts with a simple acoustic guitar and only Britney's beautiful voice. The song then builds to a thunderous chorus and a hypnotizing electronic beat only to revert to the insatiable acoustic guitar sound. One of her most underrated songs in my opinion and proof that Britney’s voice is both soulful and full of heart. With reports saying she is on substances; I can see right through that. While I do not know the details of what is truly going on in her life, I do know she is throwing away amazing talent. If someone would just encourage her to write and record an album with an actual band playing music as the backing track instead of prefabricated mumbo jumbo made in the studio, I think everyone would see an entirely different side to Ms. Spears. Her voice is strong, and phenomenal.  In fact, no one in the industry has ever sounded like her.  I, for one, want her to use her voice to entertain the masses, but in a way she has never done before. No dance moves and no theatrical stage show. Just Britney on stage with her voice. Britney’s true voice, the one not sounding like a sex kitten, is bold and fierce and it needs to be seen and heard before it’s too late.

Change Your Mind” is another track that stands out amongst Ms. Spears’ catalog with its simple stripped-down intro that leads to a thundering bass and dance beat. Her strong vocals are heard in the first few bars of the track, and it is exquisite.  In a world full of autotune, Britney does not really need it, yet the music industry has always forced it upon her. Why? Why not allow this beautiful human to just be who she is and showcase her unique voice?

In fact, I feel her album, “Glory” is one of the most underrated albums ever. Almost every song is amazing, and her voice sounds so mature and womanly. It’s my go to album when I need to get into a certain headspace.

With all the negative press surrounding her lately, I think that starting today we should usher in a new era for Ms. Spears. Instead of speculating on her personal life and allowing others to trash her publicly, let us lift her up. In fact, I think we should initiate a “Free Britney’s voice” campaign. It’s 2024 and it’s time for Ms. Spears’ talent to make a comeback of unprecedented proportions. Let her music speak for her. Who’s with me?

Society needs to stop beating people when they are down, and instead focus on the positive attributes these individuals possess. Spread love and kindness, I say! For me, I’d like to see less of a focus on individuals’ personal lives and more focus on talent. Let the music flourish. Music soothes the soul, after all, so who’s to say if Britney were pushed to record again with her rules and with her pure raw voice that we wouldn’t see something spectacular? Britney, if you end up reading this, you are amazing. Your talent is unparalleled, and you are an icon. Know that even though you may never meet any of us fans in person that we are all rooting for you and that we love you. You cannot be replaced.

Love and light,



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