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Endure the Affliction: Music to Empower Mind, Body, and Soul

Je'an-Paul Keller

Jul 31, 2023

Lafayette’s progressive metal and metalcore band delivers heavy sounds with spicy lyrics

Coming up August 19, 2023, Louisiana’s own metal core/progressive metal band Endure the Affliction are set to perform at Rad Fest 2023 at PARC International in Lafayette, Louisiana. They are the second in our installment of interviews with all the acts on the bill. These guys are the new face of progressive metal/metalcore in the area and if you’re not familiar with them yet, you soon will be.


Endure the Affliction is a well-orchestrated mixture of progressive metal and metalcore that embodies melodic metal and embraces their Louisiana roots. This five-piece group of talented musicians formed the band in 2018 in Lafayette, Louisiana, and currently consists of Deion Lanthier on guitar and vocals, Ryan Tyler on lead vocals, Brett Dronet on guitar, Joshua Domingue on bass, and Kyle Roberts on drums.

credit: Chad Besse


A sound reminiscent of true, deep southern darkness metalcore, Endure the Affliction belts out a powerful and passionate message that will shake your soul to its very core. They have been through different member line-ups and many personal hardships through the years, but those experiences taught them how to endure all of the afflictions the world throws at them. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, their lyrics are about overcoming hardships in life such as suicide, racism, and drug addiction, just to name a few.


Their music video for the song "Identity" demonstrates the battles inside we all struggle with on a daily basis. The powerful riffs of the dueling guitars and soaring vocals are so intense, they’ll have you on the edge of your seat wanting more. Their listeners have told them they are a gateway into the wonderful world of metalcore, and I, for one, could not agree more. Their EPs “Origins” and “Evolve” are full of so much energy, they’ll leave you feeling motivated to conquer all roadblocks that you face. Exactly the type of music one wants to hear on any given day.


Recently, I had the chance to sit down with vocalist and guitarist Deion Lanthier, where he told me some great stories about the band’s history and took the time to explain the band’s overall message, which is focused on healing and feeling uplifted. These albums will empower your mind, body, and soul for the greater good. Check out our conversation below, then go listen to their music. You won’t regret it!

Deion Lanthier - Photo credit Chad Besse


MaM: Who or what has inspired your sound?


Deion: Well, it’s kind of hard to say. We’ve been through a few original members. Originally, the idea was to be like a cross between hard rock and metalcore, but it ended up not being that because we all have different influences. Originally, with the original singer being … an older guy, he was more influenced by the classical heavy metal, where the rest of us are more influenced by metalcore-type of stuff—maybe a little bit of Djent—but we really don’t try to sound like anybody too much. We just kind of do our thing. Whatever we write, if we like it, then we just roll with it. Everything’s always middle, of course, but we just gotta roll with it. We all have a bunch of different influences.


MaM: Primarily what was your main influence?


Deion: The biggest influence for me, personally, … would probably be All That Remains, because that was the first metalcore band I heard. They definitely had a lasting impact on me and a big influence on the way that I write music.


MaM: How did you form? And how did you meet the other members of the band?


Deion: Well, it was me and the original drummer that started the band together, but it was weird. I didn't know the guy but I saw him on Facebook, and I mistook him for someone that I went to school with. I was like, ‘Hey, man! I didn't know you played drums,’ and I guess he got confused too, because he was talking to me like he knew me. So, we didn't find out until a few messages later [that] we don't actually know each other. Then I said, ‘Hey, you want to start a band together?’


I was looking for a second project at the time. I was actually in one project at that time that wasn't really making too much progress. So, that's how we got started.

credit: Chad Besse


MaM: I take it everybody catches on pretty quickly and everybody gets into the groove?


Deion: Oh, yeah, absolutely. We all have really good chemistry, and everybody is very, like I said, very talented. Everybody brings their own unique influence, and everybody's great songwriters. That's the most important part, right?


MaM: So you all contribute to it. It's kind of like the band Queen, where everybody just puts in their own influences and brings everything to the table, huh?


Deion: Oh, yeah, absolutely. Generally the process would be for me or the other guitarist, but we come up with the melodies on guitar first, and then the drummer puts the drums to it. Then, bass and vocals [have to] get written next and need to get written simultaneously. But, it's very guitar driven, usually. Once we have the bass line down, everybody just kind of makes suggestions, and we go from there. So, it's definitely all-five-members-in type of thing.


MaM: Most definitely! What influences you to make music?


Deion: OH, MAN! Just the love of it! But, aside from the generic answer? (laughs) I've been through a lot of things in life at an early age and music was really what helped me get through it all. Aside from the normal teenage angst, you know, I’ve been through some pretty dark stuff that I feel like if I wouldn't have had music, I wouldn't have been able to deal with it properly, maybe? Music helped me put my emotions into context. I think it helped me learn to manage my emotions and things like that … work my way through things. I want to be able to do that same thing for other people. That is what drives me to keep doing it.

credit: Chad Besse


MaM: Oh yeah, definitely. I noticed overcoming hardships is the driving force behind your music and in your message. What hardships do you think the listeners overall relate to the most?


Deion: We've been told any time we talk about suicide, that's a pretty heavy topic for people, as well as the drug addiction songs that they really connect with—even the more generic songs, like one of our older ones called “Rise.” It's just about rising above a hard situation. Everybody really connected with that one. Even though it's a very broad message, they seem to like it a lot, and that’s something they say they don't get from metal a whole lot. So they're very surprised by it. They all kind of latch onto it.


We take pride in that, and that's why we stick to it--even with the vocal exchange. The lyrics may be a little different, but the message is still the same. People seem to really like that positive message. Even though we talk about the darker side of things, we always try to lyrically make it to where you can come out of this bad situation, and you can get through it.


MaM: Can you tell me more about the lyrics for “Identity”?


Deion: Well it's both general and specific, because it's basically my life. I was a little selfish when I wrote it, but it's relatable because it's true. It's a little bit of racial-identity type of stuff but at the same time suicide attempts and drug addiction. I've been through all of that stuff.


But, with the racial thing, I'm mixed, so I've had to deal with stupid stuff from both sides. I had an identity crisis growing up, and that's why it's called, “Identity.” It took me a long time to work that out … realizing that I didn't need to be that way for anyone else in particular. I needed to be who I wanted to be, regardless of what anybody else thought. Also political leanings and stuff like that. You can't let other people influence the type of person that you should be. You have to decide that for yourself. So that's pretty much what that song is about. It's a little all over the place but cohesive at the same time. I try to fit a little bit of everything in there.


MaM: I totally identify with that one the most. Can I get a little background info on your band name?


Deion: Endure the Affliction refers to the human condition—existence itself and the fact that you have no choice but to just endure it. You work your way through problems. You go through life. You figure it out, and that's just it. It's a simple message. It's just a fancy word. Fancy words to relay a simple message.


MaM: Do you use any specific pedals to achieve y'all’s sound?


Deion: Yeah, I use a Line 6 Helix. I have an EVH over an orange cab, but I plug my Line 6 Helix into that. Most people just use the Line 6 Helix by itself, but I don't do that. The other guitarist has a smaller version of that called the Line 6 POD GO. He uses that for all of his pedal stuff. We're the only two. The bassist uses a straight clean bass tone. He doesn't do any crazy stuff.


MaM: You have 99 monthly followers on Spotify and it's growing. Do you think they relate to the overcoming hardships in the lyrics? Do you think that's what draws them in?


Deion: I believe so. We talk to our fans, you know. We're not the rock-star diva type. We don't have a huge fan base, but when they come, they come. They show up, and we talk to them. They all say that that's the main thing they like about the music: The lyrics are relatable. They love that we're not black metal. Basically, we’re out there singing about stuff they can't relate to.


I think, also, the draw is because we're so melodic for a metal band. A lot of our fans are people that don't listen to metal, believe it or not. We're kind of a gateway band locally.

MaM: Any future plans and aspirations for the band?

Deion: YES! We would like to tour. We plan on trying to do a little miniature tour at some point, maybe one or two weeks. Nothing fancy, but definitely that. We hope to release our third EP by October. We [have] a couple more songs to get written and recorded, then we'll be good to go. Nothing too big, besides RAD Fest, obviously.


For more on Endure the Affliction, you can check them out at any of the below-listed links.

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