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THE source for independent  music, arts, and entertainment


Mixed Alternative Magazine is a proud, veteran-owned business created to provide you, the reader, with a wide range of local and national quality-balanced articles and stories covering many genres of music and different facets of art and entertainment. Our focus is on providing a non-discriminatory platform for independent talent of all kinds to introduce themselves and showcase their mad skills to the world and not get lost in corporate advertising. Our sights are on content, not sales. 

We pride ourselves on our humor, knowledge, experience in, and love (ok, obsession) for all things entertainment, while adding our special editorial touch and commitment to keeping it real. And we do just that by ditching the rules and regulations . We simply love what we do and we figured you guys might too.


So, here we are.

And here at Mixed Alternative, we like to think of ourselves as the signal standing out from the noise of the rest of the media landscape. With such an influx of mass-produced content out there, we want to be the ones standing apart from the crap. By using a different approach and outlook, we will always strive to bring you the most entertaining, highest-quality content we can, and we proudly do so by rejecting the mainstream and forging our own way.

No hard news.

No religion.

No politics.


No rules.

No red tape.

No censorship.

Just sheer entertainment, passion, and personality.


to be THE non-discriminatory platform showcasing independent artists and talents

to ensure their crafts are seen and heard, while also offering a healthy mix of national
(not mainstream) content so you, the entertained, can sit back and be just that: 



And maybe even a little more enlightened.


We're here to spread our love of all creative arts as much as we can
in hopes of encouraging artists
to keep creating and thereby entertaining the masses. 


We are committed to bringing you THE WORD.


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