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Zizzi: A Rock ‘N Roll Force to Be Reckoned With

Nicole Brice

Aug 23, 2023

Zizzi’s music is an innovative approach to storytelling with a nod to the classic rock masters before them

In a world filled with countless musical acts, it takes something truly special to stand out amongst the crowd. Enter Zizzi, a band from New Iberia, Louisiana. Fresh off their killer performance at Rad Fest 2023, the band has just released a new single called, “South Carolina Woman”, and it’s bluesy, fierce, and just plain rocks. Formed in 2019 with five guys who hardly knew each other and had never really pursued music, Zizzi is emerging as a force to be reckoned with because of their innovative approach to storytelling.

Credit: Gary Governale - Zizzi at Radfest 2023 in Lafayette, LA August 19, 2023

The band is currently comprised of some exceptionally talented musicians: Evan Zizzi on lead vocals; Austin Stoltz on drums; Devin Boutte on lead guitar; Gray Walker on bass, vocals, and rhythm guitar; and Andre Broussard on bass and rhythm guitar. If Led Zeppelin, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Alice in Chains had a band baby, it would be Zizzi. Heavily influenced by the classics but providing a well-rounded retro sound, these guys are on to something and are on the rise, so take note.


Drawing inspiration from Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin and sounding like Andrew Wood from Mother Love Bone, Evan’s vocal delivery allows the listener to feel the trials and tribulations that come through in the music and brings a soulful melodic voice to the band’s dynamic sound. Drummer Austin Stoltz provides the driving beats that underpin Zizzi’s catchy tunes, while Gray Walker and Andre Broussard add depth and groove to the band’s compositions. Devin Boutte’s ethereal guitar playing brings it all together.

Credit: Gary Governale

The band’s trademark sound can be described as a fusion of alternative rock, blues, and classic rock with their music exploring themes of love, self-discovery, and the human experience. Offering a fresh take on alternative rock, their music is quickly garnering recognition locally, and they are undoubtedly a band to watch out for in the coming years.


We were able to chat with vocalist Evan Zizzi recently to throw him a few questions, so check out a little Q & A below and then go check out their new single and much more!

Credit: Gary Governale


MaM: Any other notable shows besides Rad Fest that you guys have played?


EZ: Every show is memorable and always allows us to see where improvements can be made. If we had to pick, it would either be when we won Battle of the Bands at Fred’s in Tigerland in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in Spring 202,2 or our recent show at Rock ‘N Bowl in Lafayette, Louisiana. Both crowds were electric, and we fed off the people. We tend to downplay our abilities and criticize our performance like we are Simon Cowell on American Idol, but we’ve packed out some nice venues, which always makes us feel like we are doing something right.

Credit: Gary Governale


MaM: How did you hear about Rad Fest?


EZ: We were a late addition to Rad Fest but were stoked to be invited to play at the festival.

Credit: Gary Governale


MaM: What influences your lyrics, daily happenings or abstract ideas?


EZ: You know … lyrics are strange. Sometimes we have an idea of what the motif of the song is originally meant to be, and we stick to it and develop it. Other times we start with an idea, and it turns into an entirely different musical piece once our process is complete. Ultimately, we want our lyrics to allow each individual listener to feel a certain way and to develop their own meaning.

Credit: Gary Governale


MaM: Where do you see the band headed in the future?


EZ: We have done covers for so many years but recently the gears have shifted to focusing on our own music. Being with a group of guys like Zizzi has been a gift. We would advise everyone who is hesitant to form a group, is filled with self-doubt about their abilities, or has stage fright to just say, “F**k it!” and take the jump. Life is scary and short, so why not go make a fool out of yourself and play shows for $20 in someone’s backyard and make some of the best friends you’ve ever had?


There’s something magical about the days when we were ignorant idiots just trying to be rock stars, begging for someone to give us a chance. We have been blessed and somehow the stars aligned for us to do what we do. It would be a crime and an injustice to everyone who’s helped us out or supported us along the way to not see this storybook adventure to its final chapter when we finally get the girl and barely make it home before our parents get back from their trip.

Credit: Gary Governale


As they continue to refine their craft and break new ground, there is no doubt that Zizzi’s influence will continue to grow, shaping the future of the music industry. Be sure to check out one of their links below and show them some love on social media.


Facebook: Facebook


Instagram: Zizzi (@zizziband) • Instagram photos and videos


Spotify: Zizzi | Spotify

*Cover photo - Gary Governale 

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