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Cole Hauser and Morgan Freeman Team Up to Take Down Evil

Keeley Brooks

Mar 9, 2023

The Ritual Killer

Buckle up, film fans, and fret no longer, Cole Hauser fans. Just because Yellowstone isn’t giving us our weekly Rip fix at the moment does not mean you can’t get it elsewhere. (wink) Today’s your lucky day because Hauser has a new movie dropping in select theaters and On Demand this week, and he’s still not taking any bullshit as he stares down the face of evil in a mystical crime action-thriller called The Ritual Killer.


The official trailer (below) released in February 2023 by Screen Media, and as you can see, it has a very ominous True Detective kind of vibe. Hauser is a detective on the brink of retirement and a father grieving the death of his daughter. He’s on the hunt for a serial killer who has already claimed the lives of two innocent girls, and with no leads to go on, he approaches anthropology professor and African Studies expert in ancient cultures and their rituals Professor Mackles, played by the legendary Morgan Freeman. Together they work to find this mysterious murderer practicing the ancient magic of Muti by using ancient rituals to kill people and thereby gain power. But he isn’t just killing people in the United States; he’s also claiming victims across Europe, which makes him an international criminal—an extremely agile, swift, and calculated one at that.


The film explores the dark and sinister world of said serial killer, as well as the secrets of the anthropology professor. In addition to its star leads, the flick also features Peter Stormare (Fargo), former NFL player Vernon Davis (Chariot), Franco-American actress Murielle Hilaire, Brian Kurlander (Dopesick), and Luke Stratte-McClure (Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse). Directed by George Gallo, who scripted Bad Boys and The Whole Ten Yards, the story dances the line between reality and madness, sanity and insanity, as Detective Boyd is forced to step inside the mind of the killer to outsmart him and take him down.


ScreenRant acquired an exclusive clip from The Ritual Killer, which I have lovingly included here for all of you. In it, we see Det. Boyd chatting with his partner Det. Maria Kersch (Hilaire), who has her own questions for him about a recent arrest gone wrong. However, before she can probe too deeply into how Boyd handled himself in that situation, the pair get called out to a horrific crime scene. As Boyd views the cut-up body of a young teenage girl, it’s clear he’ll stop at nothing to take down the monster who committed such a gruesome, evil act. But he won’t be able to do it alone, and that’s where Morgan Freeman comes in.

And because I'm just awesome and love doing this stuff, I found another clip to share with you, which features some action as Detective Boyd is out hunting, then chasing the killer (Vernon Davis), who is pretty damn quick with a knife in a fight as he takes out a few cops before escaping Boyd’s grasp.

For the deets on Freeman’s character and the down-low on all his secrets, you’ll have to watch the movie. The Ritual Killer hits theaters and Video On Demand on March 10, 2023.


*Side note: Also releasing in theaters the same day is the highly anticipated sixth installment of Scream, which I absolutely love. Even the crappy installments. I'm just a Ghostface fan, I suppose, but not in the murderous way. Critics are already calling it the best installment in the series with heart-pounding thrills and horrific Ghostface shenanigans. I know I can’t wait. Enjoy your weekend, my friends.


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