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Dead Pit

Ezekiel Kincaid

Dec 8, 2022

The Underrated 80s Horror Movie You've Probably Forgotten About

The year is 1990. Ten-year-old me is browsing the horror section one Friday night at Dixie Video, knowing good and well my parents aren't going to allow me to rent what I really want to watch. While perusing said shelves, I come across a video that makes me feel like Ralphie in A Christmas Story the first time he held his Red Rider BB gun.

Dead Pit.

On the cover, a zombie resembling Frankenstein crawls out of a pit, surrounded by a bunch of hands reaching out of the same hole. Behind him stalks more of the living dead. As you can see above, the color scheme is black and neon green. What made this case even more fascinating was that when you’d press the zombie, his eyes lit up! I was sold. Ten-year-old me had to see this movie! Ten-year-old me asked my parents. Ten-year-old me was told "no" because it was R rated.

I had to wait a few years, but I finally got around to watching Dead Pit. As an adolescent, I remember liking the movie, but as time went on, the movie drifted into obscurity in my mind. Until a few years ago, when I was browsing Amazon Prime to find an 80s horror movie to pass the time. Lo and behold, what appeared! The memories surrounding this movie came flooding back. I was lost in nostalgia, wondering how in the world I could have forgotten about a movie like this. One euphoric memory after another tingled my soul. When the sensation ended, I went to my pantry, grabbed a jar of peanut butter, and commenced watching. And boy, was I glad I did!

What's the movie about? Released in 1989, like most 80's horror, the plot is kind of silly. The psychotic Dr. Ramzi was walled up alive in a nuthouse. He had been caught performing experiments that involved one-part formaldehyde and one-part lobotomies. When he was done extracting the brains from his victims, he tossed the bodies into the pit. As his captors bricked him in and sealed him up, the crazy doctor swears he will get revenge on them.


Jump ahead twenty years. Enter Jane Doe. She's admitted to the asylum for a bad case of amnesia. It just so happens that Jane Doe has some serious psychic powers. So powerful is she, that she awakens Dr. Ramzi from his sleep. Once awakened, Ramzi and Doe seem to share a psychic bond. Ramzi uses this bond to draw power from her to raise all his victims from the pit. Ramzi then sends out his zombie horde for revenge.


This movie has some creative kills and descent 80s gore. There's also all the cheese that we've come to adore about 80s horror. My favorite (terribly cheesy) scene has to do with holy water and a water tower. Also, the zombies are somewhat intelligent, and they move fast. Overall, I enjoyed digging up this forgotten jewel of my childhood. If you're a fan of 80s horror, this is a must-see for you. Check it out now on Amazon while you still can!


I’m an avid VHS collector and I’ve since been able to acquire a copy of Dead Pit (see pic below). The tape still works like a charm and the cover is in okay shape. The only down side is that the zombie eyes don’t light up. I’ve been trying to track down a copy with working LEDs, but I’ve had no luck. So, if any readers out there know where I can get a copy, hit me up!

Until next time, keep it creepy, you bunch of freaks.


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