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Funny, Filthy, and Full of Superpowers

Keeley Brooks

Feb 17, 2023


In an age of urgency and digital content overload, sifting through available titles on different platforms searching for something new to watch can be super frustrating and time consuming. Lucky for you, I’m a bit of a content hooker and am here to kind of help narrow down some of those titles for you by bringing you some of my personal recommendations.


This past weekend, while taking a breather from binge-watching MTV’s “Teen Wolf,” I decided to jump over to Hulu and see what’s up with one of their new shows, a comedy series called “Extraordinary.” And I’m glad I did, because I spent the next few hours bingeing season one, giggling, laughing out loud, and falling in love with everything about it.


“Extraordinary” is British superhero comedy about a hopeful but desperate girl in her mid-20s adrift in a big ol' confusing world. She’s skating on thin ice at her retail gig, is sexually frustrated, and is anxious about the fact she doesn’t have much to show for her young-adult life thus far.

Oh, and it takes place in a world where everyone gets a superpower on their 18th birthday.Some people can walk through walls (or over them). Other people can fly. Some people wear eye patches because their superpower is getting other people to tell the truth. Others have super-human strength or the ability to shapeshift or move through objects or teleport. There’s even a character known as “the jizz guy” simply because he holds the power to make any living being—even a cat—have an orgasm if he touches them at all, in any way. I’d really love to be able to gift you the scene of the cat having an orgasm because it’s hilarious, but I couldn’t find it online. I can tell you it’s in the beginning of episode two, though!


So, everyone gets a superpower on their 18th birthday, except for our main character Jen; she’s been waiting for six years to find out what hers is. Her life and what that’s like for her is our main storyline, and it’s quite an entertaining one.


Jen lives with her BFF Carrie and Carrie’s boyfriend, Kash. Carrie can channel dead people, and Kash can turn back time at least a few minutes, but he uses it to do shit like rewind time to make sure Jen doesn’t see him in a costume that says “SUPER COCK” on it. He also prefers to create a group of vigilantes over getting an actual job. Jen also has a cat named Jizzlord, who is actually a dude unable to figure out how to control when and where he takes on cat form. He’s been stuck in cat form for three years and as a result has forgotten a lot about human life.

The show has some pretty big laughs, some moments that are tender and sweet, and it offers up a unique take on the whole superpower thing. Having a superpower isn’t as big a deal in this world, and that sets up an entirely different vibe than most superhero content we’ve seen. The gag is that most people use their powers for dull, often selfish reasons.


With an entirely English cast, “Extraordinary” is created by Emma Moran and season one has eight 30-40-minute episodes you can get lost in for a little while. Enjoy, my friends.


*Quick side note: I also recommend getting into the “Teen Wolf” series. I have a thing for werewolves, and this one is really great, especially once you get past some of the young-adult stuff, and it boasts a great storyline, some pretty awesome werewolves that are cleverly designed, a good bit of blood and gore, and some super-cool fight scenes. The wolf fights are a-plenty! Plus, Dylan O’Brien of the “Mazerunner” movies is hysterical and absolutely perfect as Scott’s best friend Stiles. He’s a bit different from the Stiles most of us were introduced to in the 80s movie “Teen Wolf,” though. I haven’t seen him surfing on the top of any vans through the middle of town ... yet. Here, he's very smart and funny, especially with piecing things together and helping his cop dad solve different crimes. He’s very analytical. O’Brien also is reminiscent of the very funny Jim Carrey. Not only does he favor him in appearance, but he also favors Carrey in his ability to make people laugh. He adds a touch of levity to every single scene. You can find all six seasons streaming on Hulu and on Paramount Plus. Then, when you finish that, go watch the new "Teen Wolf" movie that released recently; it's streaming on Paramount Plus.


You’re welcome.


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