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Brilliance for a New Era: Lori Bequette

Nicole Brice

Nov 6, 2022

A Fresh Approach to Pop Art & Surrealism

Sometimes an artist’s work catches my eye, and I am instantly hooked. This go-round one artist has truly exemplified what it means to learn from the greats to make new interpretations of mediums made famous by those before her, and eye-catching her work is, indeed.

May I introduce, Lori Bequette.

Lori is based out of Baton Rouge, LA where she lives with her husband and 4 y/o daughter trying to balance motherhood with creating art. Growing up, Lori cannot recall a time when she was not fascinated with or not actually creating something. “I think a huge part of my entire identity has been always knowing that I am an artist. It has always just been there, ya know?”, says Lori upon being asked when she knew she had the itch to create.

In recent years, Lori’s path has taken a detour due to her duties as a mother, but that has not stopped her from doing what she loves. “I went from painting everyday to not painting at all. Having a supportive partner, and allowing myself to create again, has been detrimental to my mental health, and I honestly assumed I would be rusty [when picking up a paint brush again], but instead picking up my brushes again was like riding a bike, and in many ways, I felt like my skills had somehow ‘leveled up’. It felt SO GOOD to be painting again.”

Lori’s work is so stunning that you can’t help but stop to take notice and admire the detail she puts into each painting. With a knack for capturing life in vivid detail, Lori’s pieces jump right out at you.

When asked who or what inspires her style, Lori responded, “This is hard for me to answer. I am self-taught and have never taken any classes or courses, so my style and techniques were developed by me. I take inspiration from an enormous variety of artists and turn to diverse styles and mediums to guide and influence my creativity. I especially love when I find a new artist with work that leaves me questioning my own interpretation of a message or story.”

Lori’s work is ever-changing and geometrically guided with influences from both Pop Art and Surrealism. Often incorporating abstract components, her paintings usually begin with a face or character where she builds upon that concept to tell a story.

“I’m often blending nature and animals into my work in an unusual way. The hexagon is a shape I implement quite regularly. It’s such a precise and symmetrical design, yet like a puzzle, forming a more fluid shape or figure.”

When asked which famous artist she would like to spend the day with, living or dead, given the chance, she replied, “Well, that does not seem fair, BUT I am going to choose Rene Magritte. He had such talents, and I mean, he had the ability to forge other artists’ work to sell when he struggled with poverty showcasing a wide skill range. He was able to aesthetically play with illusion within his own work by giving ordinary objects new context and meaning. His pieces were always thought provoking. I would love to tour his mind.”

Lori doesn’t credit one specific person with giving her the want and need to create, but instead says, “I don’t think there’s just one person. My family, my friends, even strangers whom I never met on social media have always supported me in my adventures. My husband has always been extremely supportive in me pursuing my dreams and I feel lucky to be able to work from home. I gained support early in life from teachers who recommended I be evaluated for creative giftedness, but I remember just loving that. With support from teachers, I found school to be less exhausting than others. I do have ADHD and am a victim of childhood abuse and trauma, so having the opportunity to have a safe place to withdraw and create was a relief at times. It goes without saying that art, even in my 40’s, is still a tool

to withdraw and escape because we all need that. I need it.”

To check out Lori’s amazing masterpieces and to see about purchasing some of her work, you can visit her on social media via Facebook and Instagram.

Lori Bequette Art | Facebook

Lori Bequette (@art_bylori) • Instagram photos and videos

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