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Flowers, Glitter, and Resin, Oh My!

Nicole Brice

Oct 29, 2022

Christina Binns

You may not have heard of the name Christina Binns in the Art world YET, but you WILL.

Putting her entire heart and soul into what she creates, this chicka knows how to merge the aesthetic of beauty and fragility into pieces worth having in your collection and showing off.

I first met Christina, or Christi as I know her, when we had an honors English class together freshman year of high school.  Christi had some wicked style, even back then, and I can remember her always having the latest and greatest fashions from the Delia*s catalog, which I always seemed to be lusting over. Lucky for me, though, Christi and I hit it off, become best friends, and then I had access to that same great fashion she paraded up and down the halls of our high school.

With a knack for combining colors, textures, and styles, her fashion sense trickled over into her artwork, and throughout the years even though we may be miles apart, I have never forgotten how awesome this girlie is, and now, I would like to bring her art to you, the readers of Mixed Alternative Magazine.

Recently, Christina and I had a chance to chat and I threw some questions her way, which she did not disappoint in answering.

Get to know this incredible visualist and artist and then check out her work and buy something. You’ll want to buy everything because it is ALL phenomenal.  In fact, in choosing the images for this piece, I had a hard time narrowing it down, so when you get to the bottom of this article, you MUST check out her work on social media.

MaM:  What age did you notice you had the art gene and a need to create?  I remember you taking Art classes in high school, but never really asked you about your creations.  Also, too, for the longest time, I had all the drawings you made me saved in a drawer at my mom’s house.  It’s true.  I wonder where those are now.  Hrmm.

CB:  Well, I’ve been creating since before I can remember. I’ve always had a vivid imagination, still do. As a kid, I’d conjure up these elaborate stories & add my own illustrations. I was always doodling. I’m always in my “happy place” when I’m making things, always have been. Whether from my writing or my art, no matter the method, when I’m creating, that’s when I’m most fulfilled. So, to answer your question, the need to create has always been present.  

MaM:  Thinking back, do you remember the first piece of art you ever created?

CB Oh man, the FIRST piece ever?! Where’s my memory when I really need it… well, since I can’t recall the 1st ever (that’d of been at a single-digit age), how about I go with a couple that really stuck with me through the years, both wooden creations. One was to be a box that opened & closed, the other a functioning mobile, with fully moveable parts. I’ll start with the box. Decided I was making a ladybug box, with wings on top that opened to reveal an itty-bitty cavity for tiny treasures & such. So, we all know ladybugs are round, right? Well, cue the naysayers – and I quote, “You can’t make a box round. That won’t work – it doesn’t even make sense!” Challenge accepted and annihilated – BOOM! You know I had to make the bug box & yes, she is filled with tiny what-nots & she’s perched on my shelf in my art room. For the mobile, I made a waving dude, whose arms, hands & head were moveable. Picture an upper body, shoulders/arms on up, cartoon-style, crazy wavin’… I think I gave him a bowtie too. Good times. No clue where he went, but I’m pretty sure I gave him to somebody, maybe my brother – who knows. Wherever he went, he sure was awesome. Both projects were just before I hit my 20’s. While they weren’t early in my art days, they both helped me to really hone in on that imagination of mine. Making these 2 things happen just as I had dreamt up, that only further solidified what I already assumed: If I can imagine it, I can probably make it happen, I can DEFINITELY try! Thinking you can do something is half the battle, so if you truly believe in you, then you’re already halfway there. 

MaM:  If you had to pick one piece as your favorite, what would it be?  Give us the deets, sista.

CB:  My absolute favorites, as of now, would have to be a tie between 2 completely different pieces, both of which are displayed in my home. One is a giant pair of _x_ gallery-wrapped canvases that I painted, embellished with broken glass and added resin to. There’s just something about the soft, muted colors I used, mixed with the sheer size of them. I often stare at them with the same admiration as when I 1st made them & they’re a regular topic of conversation when someone visits. So delicate-looking thanks to the colors & design, yet slightly dangerous, courtesy of the jagged-edged, broken shards of glass poking out from the resin. My other fave is the 2nd cold porcelain sculpture that I ever made. Roughly 100 individually hand sculpted flowers & leaves flow over the edge of an 8x10 gesso panel. I left it unpainted simply because I love the way it looks. Truth be told, I really impressed myself with this piece. It encouraged me to take the plunge into the world of cold porcelain. I was in love… with hand sculpting!

Funny story, I stumbled across this medium by accident (or maybe fate, who knows) when making a magnolia flower piece for my sweet momma. I knew I wanted 3D flowers coming up from the canvas but was struggling with what to use to get that effect, that could still be painted. After doing a ton of research & speaking to some other sculptors in the clay world, I landed on cold porcelain, an air-dry clay that’s nearly translucent when completely dry. Picked up the supplies & made the most gorgeous piece with 3 life-size magnolias and several leaves, on canvas that I painted & added a few layers of resin to. I painted the canvas this ridiculously pretty blue, so after adding the resin, it looked as if the magnolias were floating on water. As they say, the rest is history! 

MaM:  So, I know you have another gig to pay the bills, so where do you call home these days and what are you doing when you are not creating art?

CB:  Currently, I live in Cypress, TX, just outside of Houston. I’m an artist at heart, always, so I don’t really have set hours, since I wear a few other hats as well. I’ve been a licensed Realtor in Louisiana since 2007 (with Realty Executives South Louisiana Group) and in Texas since 2020 (with Fathom Realty). Additionally, I work remotely as a CRM (Client/Customer Relationship Manager) & Email Marketing Coordinator for a Washington state realty firm (since 2019). This side hustle allows me to work on my marketing skills, as well as my creative/content writing capabilities, which comes in quite handy for all those hats I wear. I also wrote a yet-to-be-published book that I plan to self-publish. One of these days I’ll jump off that fence & make it happen! 

MaM:  Give us some info about life over the years and your fave medium to use in creating pieces. It’s been forever since high school even though it seems like just yesterday.

CB:  I live in the burbs with my wife Sequence & our 2 dogs Cooper (pointer lab) & Cole (Pug). I moved here in 2019 after Sequence’s corporate ladder-climbing landed her in the Houston area. We also lived near Atlanta, GA for a few years, but most of my life was spent in Louisiana, split between Baton Rouge & Prairieville. I worked in retail management for many moons, primarily in shoe sales. When I was in Georgia, I worked in Recruiting for a minute, before eventually moving back to my home state. From there, I was office manager for the Louisiana brokerage I’m licensed with, for a few years, before making the Texas leap. Let’s see, some other facts about me… I’m a damn good cook, I’m a water baby through & through (stick me with my family, friends and all the pups, plop us near a lake/river/beach & let us be, lol). I love a good documentary & I’m still a cartoon fanatic, even at 40.

I like my music loud, a bass junkie, if you will. I’m eclectic when it comes to music, I like everything except country. Ok, ok, I do like some country, but that’s a limited category for me. Now, as far as what’s on the turntables, that’s likely to be drum ‘n bass or jungle, a little EDM, a lot of old school rock & rap and the occasional comic relief (listening to Richard Pryor on vinyl is a whole experience). Like I said, eclectic.  

Being a mixed media artist, I use so many different mediums, it’s hard to pick a favorite. I think my answer to that depends on the day. I can say that I can always get down with a paint session, no matter what’s going on. I’m a painter, sculptor, woodworker, mold-maker, card maker, sewist (seamstress, if you’re old school), wood burner, soap maker and resin artist, all wrapped into one. I’m no one-trick pony, that’s for sure! I enjoy trying new things all the time - I think it keeps me sharp, you know! Thinking outside the box, being open to trying new styles & mediums & being ok with something not turning out as planned… I do these things regularly. Some of the materials I like to incorporate into my artworks: paint, wood, dried flowers, resin, genuine crystals & stones, broken glass, alcohol inks, gold leaf, cold porcelain, silicone, cardstock, gold foil.  

As far as canvases go, I like to use everything from gallery-wrapped canvases and wood panels, to old scratched up vinyl records. If I can repurpose something that would have otherwise been discarded, that’s a bonus. Giving new life to a would-be trash item, to me, that’s something special. All the vinyl I use are retirees from my personal record collection of over 1,000. I try to keep them in the rotation, pun intended, especially since I have them in such abundance. No matter the artwork I’m creating, if I can reuse something lying around for it, I take every opportunity to do so. On that note, any time I do a paint pour, I make multiple pieces from one single pour. That excess paint can be stretched far, helping me to be more time-efficient in my creative process by cranking out several pieces at once. The same goes with any resin projects. The more I can make with a single batch of product, the better! 

MaM:  I’m sure there are other artists out there you admire.  Please tell us who and why.

CB:  Hmmm… yet another toss-up for this one. It’d have to be between Daniel Popper & Gil Bruvel, both incredible artists, both with a focus on 3-dimensional art. Neither of them ceases to blow my mind with their creations. Daniel has these other-worldly sculptures of massive proportion, on display all over the world, in some of the most breath-taking places. Next time I’m in Mexico, I have GOT to remember to hit up his Tulum sculpture, “Ven a la Luz”. It’s a bucket list item, for sure. Then there’s Gil, who uses thousands of individual wood pieces to create these unbelievable faces, also on a larger scale. The skill & talent these guys possess is unreal. They’re both incredible at their craft.  

To check out and purchase some of Christina’s amazing art, you can visit her on social media at:

Christina Binns | Facebook

Christina Binns (@b__christina) • Instagram photos and videos

If you would like to have your art featured, hit me up at

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