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Rothstein Beatz: Worth the Gamble

Erica Machen

Nov 27, 2023

Rothstein Beatz is one of the hottest producers on Clubhouse whose beats are dominating the music industry.

Meet Stanley Harris, the creative force behind the persona Rothstein Beatz. Originating from Las Vegas, Nevada, Rothstein is not just a seasoned producer; he's a multi-faceted artist, seamlessly blending his skills as a comedian, radio personality, and film score composer. His diverse musical palette, drawing inspiration from legends like Nottz, Kanye West, and DJ Premier, has established his presence in the hip-hop community. Today, he’s one of the hottest producers on the Clubhouse platform and his beats are dominating the music industry.


As a voting member of the Recording Academy, Rothstein's influence extends beyond the studio. He is endowed with the keen ability to recognize and celebrate talent within the industry, a responsibility he embraces with unwavering passion. His musical prowess isn’t the only thing setting him apart: Rothstein has etched his name in the digital sphere, creating tidal waves on Clubhouse. There, he has created a space where industry professionals, hopefuls, and enthusiasts alike converge to discuss, learn, and connect with a community of over 32,000 members.


The name "Rothstein Beatz" isn't just a pseudonym; it's a well-suited persona. The evolution of being called Roth to Rothstein Beatz is a testament to his journey as an artist. His story is one of growth in learning the ropes of the music industry through networking, studio sessions, and internships that resulted in collaborations with lauded artists like Papoose, Trev Rich, and Miesha from 702.


Rothstein Beatz (courtesy of Rothstein Beatz)

 With his budding label, Casino Gang Records, Rothstein is not only sculpting his artistic identity but also paving the way for rising talents. Beyond his beats and melodies, his "Roth Talk Podcast" offers a glimpse into the industry's complexities, featuring insightful conversations with seasoned industry professionals that provide those with musical aspirations with encouragement.


As we delve into our rap session, we unravel the layers of Rothstein Beatz's journey—one marked by innovation, collaboration, and motivation.


MaM: What’s the story behind the name "Rothstein Beatz"?


R: Las Vegas is my hometown. There was a movie that came out back in the day called Casino with Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro. His character’s name was Sam Rothstein. He wore suits and shades and smoked cigars. I won some money, bought a nice suit, and had my shades and cigar walking through the casino. One of my boys yelled, ‘Man, who you think you are? Sam Rothstein?’ My real name is Stan, so I said, ‘I'm Stan Rothstein.’ I was called Roth for a long time. I took it from Rothstein to Rothstein Beatz.


MaM: Working with artists like Papoose and Trev Rich is impressive. What led to these opportunities, and can you share memorable experiences or challenges faced in collaboration?


R: First and foremost, I'll say networking was the reason I was able to get those opportunities. Trev Rich is a Grammy-nominated songwriter and artist. I actually met him on Twitter. I reached out to him. We built a relationship online, and the next thing you know, he had one of my tracks on one of the tapes he [released]. Later, he used that tape to help find his career and get Grammy nominated.


As for Papoose, I have to shout-out my fellow producer, J-Swift. He grew up with Papoose … kind of took him under his wing. He told me Papoose was looking for some beats, and I sent him some. I didn't hear anything for months. I was …  in session with another artist [and] J Swift kept calling me. … He tells me [Papoose] loves this one beat, and he needs the music and my information that night. … That was the first time I worked with him, and something similar happened the second time. Now we have some things working in the future.


MaM: You’ve gained recognition on Clubhouse as a producer. How did you first get involved with the platform, and what impact has that had on your career?


R: First, I gotta shout-out my family, The Music Network and No Egos family. It’s just amazing how a bunch of strangers can … come together and become family. I also have to give love to my sister, T from Harlem. She told me about Clubhouse when it first started. At that time, it was invite-only, and it changed my life. I was able to speak to celebrities, label executives, and people you would just dream to have a conversation with.


Through that, I was able to create my own space. … Now, we are at about 32,000 members. We’ve had legendary artists, comedians, civil rights people, and even presidential candidates. We’ve had all types of people in the music, film, fashion, and whatever industry you want. Just amazing professionals to connect with on a daily basis. It’s been an extreme blessing. I owe a lot of my music career going forward to Clubhouse. I’ve been able to work on movie soundtracks and had chances on video game soundtracks.


MaM: Speaking of impressive guests, you have a podcast called “Roth Talk Podcast.” What topics and guests have stood out the most during your podcasting journey?


R: Podcasting started because of Clubhouse … [which] is kind of like doing a podcast. There, I have great team members who give me great advice. I’ve been able to have the legendary Bob Sumner, who’s the co-creator of Def Comedy Jam; platinum producers and engineers; and movie filmmakers. I’ve had a slew of industry professionals, including 20-30-plus-year professionals on my podcast. It’s more of an inspirational podcast, because you get to hear the stories of how people came up and how they got into what they got into. They always leave with some great advice for the listeners as well.


MaM: Can you share defining moments that led you to pursue music production and a career in the music industry, considering your diverse influences, like Nottz?


R: I’m blessed enough to be a good friend of Nottz. Being a fan of somebody and then becoming their friend is a cool experience. Defining career moments [are] between that and then-DJ Premiere, who’s a legendary producer, scratching my beat [and] cosigning me, and telling me he loves my production. When you have the chance to meet and talk to people you used to read about on album covers and used to jam and listen to their songs over, and over, and over again, it’s a surreal moment. It took me back to when I was a teenager. It was a nostalgic moment. I would say being able to meet some of my musical idols inspired me to know I’m on the right path. Not everybody’s going to be able to meet whoever they want to meet. I feel like it’s a divine energy.


MaM: Earlier, you touched on the inspiration of the name "Rothstein Beatz" from the movie Casino. Now, your new label is called Casino Gang Records. Can I assume the link between the two? Could you tell me more about your vision for the label and what sets it apart in the music industry?


R: I see you, you’re a smart young lady over here! Yes, that is correct. It’s tying the movie Casino and the casino game [together]. That was the motivation. The slogan for Casino Gang is, ‘Where winners win.’ We’re going to come together, and our goal is to win. Our goal is to be the best that we can be.


I have some amazing artists on my roster (four R&B singers and one rapper). Megan B is an amazing vocalist and is a part of Pharrell’s choir, Voices of Fire. Check out her debut album called ‘Mood.’ I produced the whole project. I also have my baby sister, Naomi World. She hasn’t yet released any music yet, but she has sung hooks on a lot of dope records. We have her ready to roll out music next year. I also have my guy Bran the Brain. I produced his debut single, ‘One’, with Botz and it’s out streaming now. Last, I [have] my rapper Bakeskeeza. He has some mix tapes, and we’re getting ready to release a project next year as well.


The vision for the label is to release records representing the artist individually. We are making sure our sound is original, authentic, and it tells a story. We plan on 2024 being the year we submit for the Grammys.


MaM: Being a voting member of the Recording Academy is a significant honor. How do you see your role in influencing the industry and recognizing talent within the Grammy process?

R: I just voted with the last nominations for the first time. So, congrats to people who are now Grammy nominated. I feel great to have a voice and an opinion to vote. I love that everybody gets a chance to say who they think deserves record of the year or album of the year, and all of those great things. It’s another surreal moment … Watching the Grammys, [I] always wanted to go to, and now I have the opportunity this February ... I want to win, but I still feel like I won a Grammy [just] being a part of the recording academy. It’s a small group of individuals who decide career-changing awards. For me to even be able to log in on the Grammy website, see my name and information, and be a part of a chapter is a dream come true. Now that I understand the process and how it works, it gives me a better insight of having a chance to win.


MaM: Looking ahead, what can readers look forward to next from Rothstein Beatz? What projects or endeavors are on the horizon?


R: I’m going to tell you exclusively that I have my beat tape, ‘Almost Platinum’, coming out December 23rd!


I am already a gold-selling producer, [and] I’m almost a platinum-selling producer. 2024 will be the year I can claim I have over a million streams I’ve produced. I do two beat tapes a year. I dropped one in March called ‘The Cook Up 3’, which is available on all streaming platforms. That’s kind of my thing … I like to let fans know I have a bunch of beats. The second order of business is that I will be on a reality show. I can’t say the name … yet because I am still planning to sign the contract. Be looking out for Rothstein on a reality show! That’s another hot-off-the-press exclusive for y’all.


Just know, 2024 is looking real bright.


Rothstein Beatz (courtesy of Rothstein Beatz)

And there you have it! Rothstein Beatz is like playing the table with a royal flush in your hand. The big payout is in his links!


Official Website | Rothstein Beatz

Instagram @iamrothsteinbeatz

YouTube @RothsteinBeatzYT

X (formerly Twitter) @RothsteinBeatz

*Roth Talk Podcast:

YouTube @rothtalkpodcast

Instagram @rothtalkpodcast

*Papoose Songs:

Album Title: "July"

Song Title: "Don't Embarrass Ya Boss"

Album Title: "December"

Song Title: "50% Human"

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