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The Dynamic Sound of the New Jersey Band Spyne

Nicole Brice

Mar 2, 2024

Spyne!’s music is raw unfiltered rock with a nod to the classics.

In the 90s, the musical landscape was full of rock tunes, but over the years the music being pushed to the masses has changed, taking on a different sound and vibe. With the industry focused more on overproduction and autotune, newer generations of independent musicians are starting to bring rock music back to where it belongs – on top. By reinventing guitar-driven music for a new generation, these bands are looking to make a revolutionary change by authentically creating tunes full of originality.  

New Jersey is known for its vibrant music scene and is continually churning out all sorts of musical creatives. Formed in New Jersey in 2021, the band Spyne! is steadily making a name for themselves on the local music scene, and includes frontman and rhythm guitarist Kyle Moyer, drummer Eric Muhler, lead guitarist Liam Muhler, and bassist Toni Manousos. Full of personality and charisma, Spyne! are four talented musicians on a mission to push boundaries and create music that resonates with listeners on a deep level, and the best way to describe Spyne!’s music, for those not familiar, is it is unfiltered rock with hints of punk and pop. It is simply feel-good rock. The band’s latest single “Win” was released on September 15, 2023, and is an anthem for any underdog facing criticism. With crisp, clean bluesy guitars and powerful vocals, the chorus asks, “Yeah what if I win?” in a sort of mocking tone.

One of the defining features of the band’s sound on this track is Kyle’s powerful and soulful vocals, which could be compared to Daniel Johns from Silverchair meets Wolfgang Van Halen meets Dave Grohl. His dynamic range and emotive delivery add depth and intensity to all the band’s songs creating a powerful and enjoyable listening experience.

Since their formation, Spyne! has been steadily releasing new music, and their debut EP, “Away”, released in 2022, showcases the band’s raw talent with an enjoyable 14 minutes of sound. Spyne! is currently working on a full-length album to be released in the future, but in the meantime, you can stay up to date on all their music via their social media. With a growing catalog of original songs and dynamic live shows, Spyne! is poised to continue making a name for themselves in the music industry and their solid booked calendar for 2024 can attest to that.

Credit: Photo provided by band

Mixed Alternative Magazine had the opportunity to chat with the guys in Spyne! recently to discuss aspirations, what makes them so unique, and upcoming plans. Take a moment to learn a little more about this talented and comedic group of musicians and then go stream their music and crank it up to 11.


MaM: Hey guys, thanks for chatting with us today. First question – where did the band name and clever logo come from?

Kyle: So, this goes back to me and our old drummer. We were sitting around, and he had just gotten done with treatment for scoliosis, so the name “spine” popped into our heads. We decided to add the “y” for a different take on the spelling and then the exclamation point at the end to show emphasis, so it reads as “Spyne!”. Also, too, with the “y”, it looks like a crooked back.

MaM: What got each of you into music initially?

Liam: I initially got into music because every member of my family plays an instrument, and we all play different instruments, so that has definitely been an influential factor in my interest in music. It was almost destined to happen and just seemed normal. I love all sorts of genres and we all have a different style, so it all just meshes well. 

EricSince Liam and I are brothers, you know we had a pretty similar upbringing. Both of our parents are teachers, so there was always a push for us to do something with music. Over the years, I tried numerous instruments, so it was about finding something I wanted to stick with. I started playing the drums, and over time, that ended up being the instrument that stuck with me.

Toni: I was always fascinated with people moving people with their music. I think it’s a very powerful thing.

Kyle: The earliest memory I have is listening to a bunch of different CDs in my mom’s car on the way to school. Growing up, I had a lot of eye surgeries done in New York, so we would have some long drives from New Jersey to New York and I remember listening to a lot of Deep Purple, Aerosmith, Van Halen, and anything classic rock, to be honest. My mom and dad were huge influences on my music taste, though. They introduced me to some great stuff.

Credit: Photo provided by band

MaM: That’s great parenting! How would you describe the music you typically create now?

KyleI guess you could say it’s got a classic rock sound with a modern twist. We’re not trying to copy anyone, but we’re looking for a new sound that incorporates things from the past. 

LiamI like to think of it as reinventing classic rock. An extension of an already rich tradition, but for a different demographic … more for our age group. I don’t feel like we’re making music to appeal to an older audience but more to a diverse audience.

MaM: How do you approach writing music? Take us through the creative process. I read that you’re going to release a full-length album later this year, so tell us a little more about all of that, too.

Liam: We are very privileged to have a great songwriter in Kyle. He writes from the heart and with his songwriting and Eric’s drumming skills, it’s just an excellent combination for Toni and me to add some riffs and harmony. We have a great formula and with live performances, we can stretch our muscles a little bit to change up the songs for the performance. Maybe change up a solo here or there. Our chemistry has these really consistent roles.

KyleHe’s right on the dot. It starts with me and then goes to Eric and then to the other two guys. We’re very lucky.

Credit: Jeff Crespi

MaM: If you could collaborate with any musician in the future, who would it be and why?

Kyle: There are so many. I love Dave Grohl and have been a Foo Fighters fan since I was 12 years old, but I love Aerosmith, too. 

Liam: So, I have a bad answer for this. If I could collaborate with any artist, it would have to be Bruce Springsteen so I could complain to him. 


No matter where I play or where I go, people keep mentioning him. The funny thing is that everyone around me has said they have met or seen Springsteen, so I feel like I owe it to myself to meet him. Everyone sitting at this table today has seen Springsteen. I’ve even done two Springsteen tributes in other bands, and I have yet to see or meet the guy.


MaM: If you ever do meet him, you need to tell him that he’s like Waldo … where’s Bruce?


Toni: Paul McCartney for me. He’s influenced me the most.

Eric: Rise Against for me. I would love to work with them and meet them.

Credit: Jeff Crespi

MaM: You guys are younger than me, and probably can’t remember a time without it, but how do you feel the internet has impacted the current state of the music industry?

Liam: I think that the internet has fundamentally changed how we advertise things. I think that part of interacting with these social media platforms means that you must play by their rules a good bit and so we try to keep up with all of that. We try to put up cute and funny posts every so often. Something that can promote things seriously, but have a punchline, too. Sometimes having a sense of humor with what you post helps because it shows that your material is friendly and inviting.

KyleI feel the same as Liam. Doing cute and funny things is great, but we’ve seen a good bit of changes with the internet just through the time we’ve grown up. Everything is so accessible now. Growing up it was more recreational, but since the 2010s, it feels like everything is media. The biggest struggle for us has been getting people to the shows, and in the past, it was more about just supporting the venues. Today, it’s so hard to pull people in and sometimes it’s the short funny media that makes them come to a show. It’s a learning experience.

Credit: Jeff Crespi

MaM: Do you have a favorite song to perform live?

EricAway” or “Heaven Find You”. People usually start jumping around during “Away” and it’s just fun to play. With “Heaven Find You”, I’m a big fan of the drum part I wrote for the song and love playing it. The chorus of the song is well-received by the fans, too.

ToniI think “Win” is my favorite original song to play. It’s just one of the best Spyne! songs and fun to play. Now, our cover of “No One Knows” by Queens of the Stone Age is one of the best we’ve done, and everyone loses their minds when we play it, too. 

Kyle: I don’t have an answer since I wrote all the songs. (laughter) I love each one. If I had to pick, though, it would be “By the Bay” and “Heaven Find You”. I also like it when we play “Pride and Joy” by Stevie Ray Vaughan, too.

LiamI’m going to start with my favorite cover to play live. Generally, with the covers, I love it when the songs have a good solo section because I like to make up stuff a lot. The guys give me a good bit of freedom to go crazy, but we played a cover at our last set at The Stone Pony by Kiss … we did “Love Gun”. That fulfilled something for my inner child because I grew up listening to Twisted Sister and other hair metal bands, and I just love the guitar work. With this cover, I was able to go crazy on stage and I think we have a recording of the performance somewhere. As far as originals go, I would have to pick “Win”. It’s got a kickass guitar riff that everybody remembers, and my friends have come up to me after a show to tell me that they really like “Win”. It’s such a terrific song.

Credit: Jeff Crespi

MaM: Ok, going to throw you guys a funny question. Do any of you have any useless talents outside of the musical realm?

Liam: I can juggle pins on a unicycle.


MaM: That’s awesome.

Kyle: I’ve seen that happen. I want to say automotive repair because I suck at it, but it’s not exactly useless. I can play drums on my stomach and can do that incredibly well for no reason.


Credit: Jeff Crespi

MaM: So, when can we expect the new album? Where do you see yourself headed in the future?

Kyle: We’re looking towards 2024, but I have a feeling it will push into 2025. We want it to be right. We have these songs that are an amalgamation of everything perfect. We want it mixed the way we want, and I think we’re going to fulfill our full artistic capabilities. The goal is to open for bigger acts and get our name out there to similar music tastes because the internet isn’t great at that. 

Liam: I think it’s really good that we’re going to be patient with the process. We’re not the type to rush into releasing something a little bit premature. I want to wrap it with a neat bow when we release it. 



As Spyne! continues to evolve and explore new musical territories, one thing remains constant – their passion for creating music that connects with people on a visceral level. Whether you’re a fan of rock or alternative, Spyne’s music is sure to resonate with you on a profound level. To check out the music of Spyne!, click the link below.


Spyne! | Instagram, Facebook | Linktree


Questions or comments? Hit us up at A huge thank you to Jeff Crespi for all of the amazing photos. Visit to view more.

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