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Mi’Kael Chalyce: A Soulful Vibe of Reflection and Relatability

Erica Machen

Mar 12, 2024

Mi’Kael Chalyce is a soulful vibe of reflection and relatability whose voice eloquently captures the emotional evolution of the human condition.

Emerging from the musically acclaimed Nashville, Tennessee, Mi’Kael Chalyce, better known as Kael to her family and friends, has burst onto the scene with a soulful vibe of healing reflection and relatability. Passionate, bold, daring, and authentic, Chalyce is an empowered artist whose voice eloquently captures the emotional evolution of the human condition and translates the collective anguish, progress, struggle, and joy we experience on a daily basis.


Inspired by vocal legends like Whitney Houston and Mary J. Blige, Chalyce’s sound is a very cool blend of old school R&B mixed with the likes of Destiny’s Child and Outkast. And when combined with her strong gospel roots, her sound evokes that kind old school southern soul that’s wrapped in ambiance, truth, and pain.


Mi’Kael left Nashville with a desire for authentic music after seeing business connections prevail over genuine human connections. She found sanctuary in the rhythms of Atlanta, Georgia, where her connections budded into relationships that allowed her music and stories to blossom.

As a mother, educator, musician, and multi-faceted storyteller, Mi’Kael has both a history and a future worth sharing. Her authenticity and talent have shaped her into a powerful vessel spreading encouragement, energy, and self-expression. She is a triple threat in the most non-threatening ways, and she brings a sense of relatability and comfort in her music that warrants a desire to share and celebrate what she is doing.

Photo from artist website

We had the chance to rap with Mi'Kael recently and in that learned what a luminous talent she is. Check out our conversation below!



MaM: I see that you've been inspired by legends such as Whitney Houston and Mary J. Blige, as well as your gospel roots. How do you mix all those influences into your music and what do they mean to you personally?


MK: Wow, that's a good one to kick off! I think it's incorporated into my music organically with the way I phrase my words, or I end the note, or end the line. You can just hear some of those influences. Those were the songs I listened to over and over growing up, so that's what naturally flows through me when I'm writing or performing. It's definitely one of those situations where it's not about where you're going [but] where you came from. Everything I pour into what I'm doing now is from back home and [I am] just taking it to the next level.


MaM: Speaking of your roots and your identity as an artist, you have a cool blend of old school R&B with vibes of Destiny's Child and Outkast. How do you keep that mix while still staying true to your style?


MK: I still listen to what’s on the radio now, but I try not to emulate too much of what other people are doing. I keep it fresh with my cadences. Destiny’s Child brought in that rap/sing era, and you still see that happening. I do that, but I blend that with a little of the old school southern soul sound.


MaM: Your music dives into some deep topics like mental health and growth. How do you approach writing about such personal subjects, and what do you want your fans to take away from your music?


MK: The way that I approach it is starting with the music.

Photo from artist's website

I listen and try to see what style of music puts me in the vibe of where I am in that point in time. I’m really careful about not writing in the air, as I call it. That’s writing random things just because they sound good. That's not how you create a sound that is going to translate. As I'm listening to the music, I make it fit with what I'm feeling. Whatever story I want to tell is what comes out. I don't necessarily say I want to talk about mental health. I just get it all out, and it turns into a song that’s encouraging people to tap into their mental health and self-care. It happens organically.


MaM: Your move from Nashville to Atlanta must have been a big change. How does the switchup influence your music and connection with your fans?


MK: In Nashville, I didn't feel as connected with the community as I do here. I felt like the musicians were work-for-hire, and we didn't get to build a true relationship or repertoire together. In Atlanta, people have been more excited to work with me, and you get people really wanting to build with you. It's just like a family, no matter who I'm singing with.


MaM: “Passion and Chemistry” really hit home with your fans. Can you give us a peek behind the scenes? What inspired the tracks?


MK: ‘Passion and Chemistry’ was the birth child of my divorce. I got married super young, at 19, and had a child. I was married eight years. I was out of the marriage [and] thought I was free and could have these great relationships. The first situation I got into, I was dealing with a guy who was also ending a marriage. It was a very complicated situation. I told that story through ‘Passion and Chemistry’. That song started as a country song. I have the country version from a producer in Nashville. A producer here in Atlanta gave it the feel we were looking for with more of a soul/hip-hop style.

MaM: You mentioned your music is all about being real and speaking to the soul. How do you make sure that authenticity shines through in your music and performances?


MK: I stay true to who I am [whether] I'm singing cover songs or … am with my own band singing my originals. I’m going to do it my way, in a way that speaks to my soul. I get contracted to sing jazz songs, swing, and all different types of things, but I always put what I call my Kael sauce on it to remain true to myself. Sometimes it’s difficult, but I am very creative in the way I communicate. It's just about your attitude and how you talk to people that makes all the difference.


MaM: Everyone is going to be eager to know what is next for you. Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming projects or plans on the horizon?


MK: I am releasing a new single very soon [called] ‘Don't Settle’. Following that, I have a whole album in the works. By the end of the summer, you will have another full project. I am knee-deep [in] it!



For more on Mi’Kael Chalyce, her music, and any upcoming shows, visit her official website at

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