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The Bellas: Re-envisioning the Power of Female Punk Rock

Nicole Brice

Nov 29, 2023

The Bellas are pure 80’s glam metal, capturing the essence of rebellion and discontent with a raw sound amplifying the voices of the unheard.

In a genre often associated with male masculinity, what comes to mind when you think of females in the punk-rock scene? Energy, rebellion, and unfiltered expression? If you said yes to any of the above terms, then you are on the right track. Having recently discovered The Bellas, the newest all-female punk band from the underground scene in New Jersey, I began thinking about how the music scene desperately needs bands like this to redefine the state of the industry overall. The Bellas are unapologetically taking on traditional feminine characteristics by challenging stereotypes and celebrating the strength and power of femininity with their music, strong style, and charismatic live shows. So, who are they?

The Bellas consist of teen drummer Giul, guitarist Izzy, lead singer Abby, and bassist Charlotte. Giul and Izzy are sisters to each other and cousins to Abby. Their previous bassist, Lindsay, was also their cousin, so upon formation, they were a band of cousins. When Lindsay left for the military, The Bellas eventually found Charlotte and the rest is history.

The Bellas Band
Credit: Jeff Crespi

The girls burst onto the scene in 2019 and have been chugging along ever since. With a couple of singles under their belt, “Teenage Dropout” and “Cherry Lips”, The Bellas are drawing inspiration from bands such as The Runaways and The Donnas. Their infectious sound blends ferocity with teenage angst and melodic hooks. Abby’s vocals are so on point that you’ll be singing and bopping along in no time.

The Bellas’ music captures the essence of rebellion and discontent with a raw sound that amplifies the voices of the unheard by challenging the status quo and I know we’ll be hearing more from them in the future. I recently reached out to the band to see if I could learn a little more, and I was able to chat with their drummer, Giul, who is an absolute doll. Take a moment to read a little more about The Bellas below, then go check out their tunes.

The Bellas Band
Credit: Jeff Crespi


MaM: Guil, thanks so much for talking with us today! Tell us, what year did The Bellas come together?

Giul: Our band officially formed and played our first show together in 2019 at my high school’s Battle of the Bands, but it’s something we’ve wanted to do since we were little. As kids, there was rarely a time at a family gathering when you wouldn’t see the four of us [cousins, prior to Charlotte,] planning out our lives as rock stars or imagining we were in a band together, long before any of us even began playing our instruments.

Years later, as a freshman, I saw flyers in my school’s halls for a battle of the bands coming up and instantly thought of the girls. I sent them a picture of one and jokingly suggested that we “get the band back together”—to which they all actually agreed. By this point, though Izzy and I were already taking lessons and had experience playing our instruments, the four of us never formally played together. Against all odds, we got a few songs together and played just a couple of weeks later. Though it originally began as a fun one-time thing, we knew we had to continue together after the energy we felt when we performed. The rest is history!

The Bellas Band
Credit: Jeff Crespi


MaM: Who are your biggest influences musically and stylistically?

Giul: Many of the artists that we’re influenced by have impacted us both musically and stylistically. Our influences include—but are by no means limited to—RATT, KISS, Mötley Crüe, Kix, and Poison, just to name a few. Their approaches to music and attitude when performing are part of what drew us to them in the first place and [are what] continue to inspire us. Not only do these bands have great music, but they also put on amazing, larger-than-life live shows—something we strive towards for our own band. We absolutely love the cement pirate style, the tall boots, the over-the-top showmanship, and all that good stuff. When the band first started out, we were also influenced by artists like the Ramones, The Donnas, and Joan Jett, which inspired our name and logo. 


MaM: Is there one show you have played thus far that was notable? If so, where, and why?

GiulThe show that immediately comes to mind is our most recent gig at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ. We played our fair share of both small and large venues, but this was easily our biggest one thus far. With so many iconic acts that have performed there through the years, this one easily stood out to us!

The Bellas Band
Credit: Jeff Crespi


MaM: If you could share the stage with any musician or band in the future, who would it be and why?

GiulThe classic lineups of KISS and RATT. They’re absolute legends in rock and metal.


MaM: How do you feel about the current landscape of indie music, and how do The Bellas stand out?

Giul: I’d say [the landscape is cluttered], especially with the vastness of music available on the Internet nowadays. Because of this, we make sure to stand out by putting on a good live show in a way that emphasizes entertainment and fun instead of a broader message. We prioritize style and stage presence just as much as musicianship; we want our show to be exciting in every sense of the word, and we plan to deliver in every way possible. If we can provide an escape for someone in the crowd and help them forget about whatever might be weighing them down and just have a good time, we’ve done our job. 

The Bellas Band
Credit: Jeff Crespi


MaM: I see you’ve released two singles so far. Any plans to record an EP in the future? What are you guys currently working on and how do you approach the creative process?

GiulYes, we are looking to release an EP soon! We currently have a few things in the works. In general, we’ve been starting to move towards playing original music almost entirely. I think that’s ultimately where we wanted to go with the band, so we’ve been trying to write and release more of our own content. We’ve most recently been recording a brand-new song and are in the process of adding the finishing touches! 


As for the creative process, we usually start with the music and then the lyrics come after. Since we are somewhat new to the songwriting process, we’re still trying to see what works. Most of the time Izzy or I have an idea and develop it independently before coming together, but we also want to try working more collaboratively in the early stages as well.

The Bellas Band
Credit: Jeff Crespi


MaM: How would you describe your sound?

GiulOur sound is pure glam metal straight from the 1980s Sunset Strip and beyond—no filler, just loud, unapologetic rock n’ roll.


MaM: Do you find it’s more difficult to get your music heard these days or do you feel technology has made it easier for you to showcase your product?

Giul: It’s both easier and more difficult in different ways. Things like social media and publishing sites have made it incredibly simple to release our music and promote ourselves; if people want to hear our recorded music, it’s available right at their fingertips. On the other hand, there is so much music out there on the internet that it’s easy to get lost in the sea of other artists and songs.


At the end of the day, nothing beats playing live shows for us. Not only have we met some amazing people this way, but we also put on an energetic show that you can’t fully experience by just looking at a screen. Our performance is integral to who we are as a band. The way we dress, and our stage presence is very important, just like the music is (and of course, we enjoy it!). It’s always a good time for us and we want to bring that energy to the people who come to see us as well. 

The Bellas Band
Credit: Jeff Crespi


MaM: What are your ultimate goals and aspirations for the future?

Giul: Keeping the ‘80s glam metal experience alive—the sound, look, and attitude. We want to go as far as we can with the band and see where it takes us. We are super passionate about performing and have a lot of fun doing it, so regardless of whether it leads to bigger opportunities or not we don’t plan on giving it up anytime soon!



As the Bellas continue to refine their sound and produce new music for the masses, they are sure to emerge as a powerful force in the punk rock scene, serving as a reminder that with an unyielding spirit and a refusal to conform, anything is possible.


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*cover photo courtesy of Jeff Crespi

Nicole Brice loves music and will fight anyone who doesn’t like The Bellas. Got something you think she’d like to hear? Hit us up at

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