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Tyler Harrison

Nicole Brice

Jan 9, 2023

An Undercover Talent on the Rise

I am the type of person who is constantly looking for new and interesting people with which to surround myself, virtually or physically. If I feel a connection to another human, then I want to know more about them. That’s how I first stumbled upon Tyler Harrison. A random follow request from Tyler on Instagram grew into a discovery of what he’s about and who he is as a person, and that led to a burning desire to showcase him to all of you.

Tyler Harrison is a writer and internationally published author, who is not well known … yet, but I feel his time is coming. With a creative flair like no other, Tyler’s ability to assemble words in a poetic, imaginative way is what sets him apart from others his age. His knack of rhyming and word flow is incredible, and at 27 years old with all he has witnessed and endured throughout his young life, he is a man with wisdom far beyond his years and his writing reflects that.

Enduring a traumatic upbringing as a child, Tyler was able to turn his pain into art that jumps off the page at you and makes you stop to breathe and think so you can process the words you just read.

A very creative poet, fiction and sci-fi author, and a screenplay writer with three books under his belt, Harrison has just completed a screenplay and is on the path to success, so watch out! His current books are “An Apocalyptic Assistance,” “I Couldn’t Find Her So I Created Her,” “Letter in a Bottle,” and the newly finished screenplay, “Rewriting History: The Mind Trip for Centuries.”

I was able to chat with Tyler recently about his work, his hopes and dreams, and his upcoming projects. This guy has so much in the queue, it’s insane!

MaM: Tyler, thank you for speaking with me. I just finished reading your first book and I wanted to get a little more info about it from you. What a read!

TH: So, yeah, “I Couldn’t Find Her So I Created Her.” I started writing it when I was in beauty school. During my first semester, I started talking about writing a book, so in my second semester I had this … me and my dad, yeah … my dad blew up on me and I was like, ‘I’m going to write about everything I’ve ever witnessed in the home.’ … In this book, I tell my story inside and outside the home, and [I] also talk about the memories and the people that I’ve met, and [the] different encounters [I’ve had] as much as I can remember, from the time I entered the world (or Earth) to the point where I was in college, and it was very therapeutic for me.

[I was inspired by] talking to this girl and she was a creative writing major at the university I was attending. I was like, ‘Maybe if I show her I am into creative writing, I can impress her and woo her. It started as an initial collection of poems and I always wondered how one goes about being published, so I googled publishing companies and I … saw Austin McCauley Publishers and read about submitting things for publication. It was late one night and half asleep, I submitted the initial manuscript, which consisted of the selection of poems and other drastic stuff, and I didn’t expect to hear anything back from them … a few weeks later, I got an e-mail.

MaM: To have published three books by age 27 is amazing. Tell me a little more about your other book, “An Apocalyptic Assistance” and some of your other work.

TH: “An Apocalyptic Assistance” is a sci-fi fantasy novel … about Atlantis and the light. … I start by trying to capture the reader with the introductions of the characters. “Letter in a Bottle,” which is another book I’ve written, is a collection of poems [and] romantic poems, and I’ve got six illustrated books in production with the publishing house and those are waiting to be released. The illustrator is still working on the artwork, and they still have things to finalize on the business side. I just finished writing my first film screenplay, so I’m pretty excited about that as well. I’ve been writing so much that I’m actually tired of writing right now.

MaM: I can relate to that. The creative process is definitely interesting. You have all these ideas and if you don’t write them down, you lose them. Your story, though, is what really drew me to you. Your background in an abusive household—I can relate to that because I grew up in an abusive household, too, and you’ve been through so much that I feel your strength comes through in your writing. [It] is inspiring to others. It inspired me. So, what do you see as your plans for the future? What all would you like to accomplish?

TH: I just got finished writing the screenplay for a production company out of Atlanta, and I’m submitting it to them and … hoping they will want to sign a deal to use [it].

MaM: Tell us a little more about your screenplay. Is it a continuation of your books?

TH: It’s a historical narrative … an alternate narrative, if you will. Basically, Ben Franklin becomes a traitor to the United States and helps the natives win back the land from the Americans. Ben is described as a war hero and [is] younger and not how most [people] think he would look. It’s been an amazing experience to develop these characters and write this script, but it has also been challenging.

MaM: I want to know a little more about your book, “Letter in a Bottle.” Give us a brief synopsis of it.

TH: So, it was 2019, and I went to this concert … it sounds kind of bizarre, but I am a hopeless romantic and I believe in divine intervention, and I fell in love with this female drummer … I felt drawn to her and developed this collection of poems inspired by her, and that’s basically the book.

MaM: What inspires you to write all of this? You have such a diverse portfolio. You go from romantic to sci-fi fantasy to historical fiction and so, is it just life happenings you use as inspiration?

TH: I just really want to write something that has never been written before. I can put all my memories into a time capsule with my writing and I don’t have to think about them anymore. It’s therapeutic. I can put them in this ‘box’ and they’re out of my world and I can forget about them and the past. All I then am left with is this moment, and it’s beautiful.

MaM: I really like that analogy. It’s like closing a chapter on your life and just moving forward. I dig that. So, what else does the future hold for you? Any other projects upcoming?

TH: Well, [I’m] working to get all my books on Audible and I’ve got the other six books in the queue, and I just want to keep writing and become internationally known. I’d like to eventually quit my day job and just do this for a living. I hope that my story will inspire others and reach other people’s hearts and hopefully my words can help transform how people see the world.

To learn more about Tyler Harrison and to purchase his books, you can visit:

Tyler Harrison | Facebook

Tyler Harrison (@undercover_star_talent) • Instagram photos and videos Tyler Harrison: books, biography, latest update

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