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Dark Miles Releases Debut Single, "Your Heart is an Empty Street"

Erica Machen

Jan 26, 2024

“Your Heart is an Empty Street” is a soul-stirring narrative unveiling a poignant expedition through pain on a journey of transformation and resilience.

Music at its core is meant to transcend the boundaries of emotion and storytelling, and that’s exactly what the debut single from Portugal-based Dark Miles accomplishes. “Your Heart is an Empty Street” is a soul-stirring narrative set against a backdrop of sonic exploration unveiling a poignant expedition through pain on a journey of transformation and resilience. Accompanied by a gripping music video, “Your Heart is an Empty Street” gives the listener a glimpse of what’s to come in Miles’ upcoming debut album, "10 Miles into the Dark", which is slated for release in the coming months.


Dark Miles is the solo project of Pete Miles, formerly Pedro Lima of MOSH. With “10 Miles into the Dark”, he has found an artistic shift. Influenced by the heavier spectrum of rock, Miles pays homage to iconic synth pop/rock sounds of the 80s and 90s, like Depeche Mode, David Bowie, and Iggy Pop, and echoes with references to grunge, goth rock, dark wave, and obscure avant-garde death metal. Miles skillfully employs these elements to complement the emotions found in his lyrics, and his deep and powerful vocals create an immersive auditory landscape mirroring the narrative.

Credit: Photo provided by artist


"Your Heart is an Empty Street" is full of lyrics expressing a harrowing journey towards self-liberation. Miles sings, "And there I go / to that empty street / with my open heart / as the others sleep," and paints a picture of solitude and vulnerability with a cold, damp floor. As the lyrics unfold, there's a sense of empowerment in facing turmoil head-on. The reoccurrence of not being alone and hearing a voice through the darkness signifies resilience in the face of adversity, and the fear and bleakness evoke feelings of strength that resonate with listeners on a profound level.


The music video for "Your Heart is an Empty Street" is equally as impactful. As it unfolds into a cinematic thriller, it weaves a narrative that captures the essence of personal liberation after a tumultuous journey through physical and psychological abuse. As the video begins, the main character, portrayed with unruly dark hair and visible injuries, embarks on a road trip, where we see flashes of pills on a car seat that suggest a turbulent past. The anguished look she wears on her face hints at the scars left behind.


Set against a sea of red and black, the visuals work to intensify the emotional depth fueling Dark Miles' sound. Combined with an auditory experience, “Your Heart is an Empty Street” likens to the moment when stitches are removed, and the relief of pain intertwines with the echoes of agony. The connection surpasses surface level and illuminates the darkest corners of the soul. As the video concludes, the driver appears exasperated as though she’s just experienced a metaphorical death.

Credit: Photo provided by artist


 "Your Heart is an Empty Street" successfully establishes itself in the vein of alternative/synth pop rock, and its fusion of poignant lyrics, haunting visuals, and retro sounds surely set the stage for an album that promises to be a cathartic journey through the soul. As the anticipation builds for "10 Miles into the Dark," Dark Miles emerges as a force to be reckoned with, as he continues crafting narratives that transcends the boundaries of time and genre.


“Your Heart is an Empty Street” is currently available on all streaming platforms. And stay tuned for the release of “10 Miles into the Dark”! For more information on Dark Miles, visit him online at any of the below-listed links:

Facebook @DarkMilesBand

Instagram @DarkMilesBand

YouTube @DarkMilesBand

Bandcamp @MusicDarkMiles


*cover photo provided by artist

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