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Exploring XIII Minutes’ Bold New Track: ‘Cult Leader’

Nicole Brice

Jun 26, 2024

XIII Minutes delves into the dynamics of power and influence on their latest offering.

Sometimes, a song comes across my radar and instantly hooks me. “Cult Leader” by Tulsa-based XIII Minutes has done just that. Released June 23, 2024, and currently available via Bandcamp, “Cult Leader” is a gripping mix of hard-hitting lyrics and compelling instrumentation with a solid four minutes of sound to get your pulse and adrenaline pumping.

The mix sounds great—the vocals have a pop-punk vibe, and the chorus is a powerful standout. XIII Minutes continues to push boundaries with a track that is both sonically aggressive and lyrically profound. The song is structured around dynamic shifts between explosive verses and a chorus that is both anthemic and chilling, with the soundscape being chaotic yet controlled.

Overall, ‘Cult Leader’ is a solid and enjoyable track that cleverly weaves hints of early 2000s rock with the high energy of pop punk, creating a unique and intriguing sound that will surely get you going.

Written by Jamie Kucinski (drums), Thomas Wheat (guitars), Jerrod Cunningham (vocals), and Preston Bell (bass), ‘Cult Leader’ starts jamming as soon as the song begins and does not let up the entire time. This song has it all, and I highly recommend you listen to it today.

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