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Juan Blak's Interpretation of Tina Turner's "One of the Living": A Powerful Metal Metamorphosis

Erica Machen

Oct 27, 2023

Juan Blak’s version of “One of the Living” mesmerizes with outstanding vocals that evolve into an eargasmic blend of metal and industrial rock.

"You're one of the living, and if we can't stick together … " These words echo with profound resonance as Juan Blak brings this sentiment to life. He not only captures the essence of these lines but embodies their message in a remarkable way. By uniting a diverse group of living music artists for a cover of the late Tina Turner's "One of the Living", Juan Blak achieves something magical. It is truly a bewitching auditory delight.


Over the course of roughly 22 years, Juan Blak been a part of the heavy metal scene in Los Angles, Calif., and later in Indianapolis, Ind. He reveals that his relocation to Indianapolis has yielded more musical progress than any of his time spent in Los Angeles. The connections made through his journey with his band BlaK SundaY and his own ever-evolving talent culminated in this incredible collaborative cover, redefining the sound of the rock anthem.

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This bold undertaking features Juan Blak on lead vocals, AIR-IK of Willow Wisp on guitar, Gene Migaki of Thorns of Sin on bass, Justin Hall of Artificial Zero and Synkhole Studios producing. What was once a classic rock song with outstanding vocals has now evolved into an eargasmic blend of metal and industrial rock. The infusion of heavy bass lines, symphonic vocals, and just the right touch of synth elements offers listeners a fresh perspective on the lyrics.




As I sat astonished at what my ears were hearing, the lyrics took on new meaning to me. What once brought on the thoughts of Mad Max’s post-apocalyptic world and survival now brings on the feelings of surviving life in the present. The depths of the lyrics are pushed by Blak’s force of a voice as the heavy instrumentals and synth deliver like a stake right through the heart of listeners.


Lines like "They always said that the living would envy the dead" tug at the weariness of the human experience, yet ultimately inspire us to persevere. In this death metal-inspired rendition, Blak's unique baritone sound and tenor range shine, with hints of Chino Moreno from Deftones, making "One of the Living" an extraordinary listening experience. Even if you've never considered yourself a fan of metal, this cover demands your attention and leaves little room for disappointment. Blak's talent and vision are undeniably a force to be reckoned with in the music world.

Photo provided by artist

Blak mentions that a music video for "One of the Living" was in the works but was temporarily sidelined by his commitments with BlaK SundaY. The band remains his primary focus, as they are set to release their new album, "Songs of Love, Death & Revolution", on Halloween. With live performances, recording sessions, and jam sessions, Blak's solo project serves as a fun creative outlet for him as well as an avenue for exciting collaborations with friends. In anticipation of their album release, BlaK SundaY has already shared a couple of videos, "11:59" and a cover of Sisters of Mercy's "Lucretia, My Reflection".


Whether you explore Juan Blak as a solo artist or immerse yourself in the sonic world of BlaK SundaY, you're in for a musical journey that's bound to leave a lasting impression. Don't miss the chance to witness his artistic prowess unfold. Check out his links below! 



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