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Reviews on the Real: JAELYN

Nick Cline

Jun 6, 2024

Journey into cosmic malevolence with JAELYN's latest single

JAELYN is the Philadelphia-based creative endeavor of vocalist Jaelyn Robinson. It focuses on thoughts of the universe, undertones of mental health, the intrigues and meanings of life, and the battles between light and dark. The rest of the band includes Stephen Skilton on guitar, Mattie Boyd on bass, Frank Bianco on drums, and Chris on guitar. The new single, Mire Mite (The Twins), explores multiple themes and inspirations from art, music, philosophy, and more and is a very enjoyable listen.


Mire Mite (The Twins) takes you on a journey throughout the cosmos, with lyricism that roots you in the emotional tales within the universe of the evil Seven Sisters. In this track, it delves into the relationship between the deadliest members, Mire and his sister Mite. The battle between light and dark is the centerpiece of this mystical and gut-wrenching journey through space, inviting the audience to connect with the story's emotional depth.


The mixing of this track is a unique blend of genres, offering a taste of what it is trying to convey. The melodic tones stack on top of the pounding rhythm section, creating a mystical bond between prog-metal, metalcore, and almost operatic versions of pop-punk vocal tones. This fusion of styles is a testament to the creative process of JAELYN, and it's sure to pique the interest of any music enthusiast. The mix is heavily centered on ensuring the lyrics and music are a conjoined being, adding a layer of tension and depth to the song.


The verses and chorus share an overbearing tension between the music and the song's story. They convey the ever-present battle between light and dark in the universe and everyday life.


The mix for this track is very well put together for both the music and the story's tone within the song. But the music takes up a lot of the space in the track. The vocals take a back seat in the song compared to the music. The mix clashes at times, but the overall sound is excellent. The message is there, but the reliability of the vocals could be felt a lot more if the vocals were pushed a couple of decibels in the mixing and production stage of the song. Other than that, it is a very well-executed track.


Mire Mite (The Twins) sets an extravagant tone that excites the audience for future projects connected to the tale this track has started unfolding. The battles and unraveling of the cosmos within its stories will keep just about anybody intrigued until the release of another single and the entire LP.


To check out Mire Mite (The Twins), just hit one of the links below!


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