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Roger Ricks Confronts Inner Turmoil in New Single “Demons”

Nicole Brice

Jun 21, 2024

“Demons” is a deep dive into personal struggles and triumphs.

Out today, June 21, 2024, is a brand-new single from Swiss musician Roger Ricks. Ricks, who hails from Zurich, Switzerland, has said of his latest offering, “The song is about the fact that the only way to achieve true freedom is to deeply engage with ourselves. Existing beliefs, fears, negative experiences, etc., prevent us from overcoming our old patterns and exploring new paths. By confronting our dark sides, we can overcome them and embark on new journeys that allow us to act, feel, and think more freely. The song aims to motivate not to remain in the status quo but to step out of one's shadow and look forward.”

“Demons” was composed and produced by Ricks himself and mixed by Nashville-based and Grammy-nominated producer/mixer/recording engineer Joe Carrell. “Demons” sounds like feel-good Southern Rock with an Americana vibe, and the proceeds from the song will go to Chance for Children ( just as all of the proceeds do from Roger Ricks’ music.

Roger Ricks
Credit: Roger Ricks

Roger is a true artist in every sense focused on making a difference for the better good of all children worldwide, and his music hits you with such heart that it’s overwhelming. The beginning of “Demons” starts with a haunting synth reminiscent of the opening sequence for the well-known and well-loved American TV series “Stranger Things” and leads into a crisp and clean guitar tone as the vocals kick in with just the right hint of raspiness. Roger’s voice is crystal clear, and as the song builds to the chorus, it morphs into a bit of a Tom Petty vibe with multi-layered textures. Tackling the subjects of moving forward, change, and the unknown, “Demons” is an intense journey of sound and one worth checking out if you enjoy just good old-fashioned rock music. 

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