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Unearthing Depths: A Review of Eldergrey’s New EP ‘Well of Souls’

Nick Cline

Jul 9, 2024

Eldergrey's debut plunges into the abyss with pounding riffs and haunting melodies.

Based in the United Kingdom, the doom metal band Eldergrey has officially released their debut EP, ‘Well of Souls,’ which does not disappoint. It is an electrifying fusion of various metal influences, a unique blend that promises to fill the gaps left by modern metal. Eldergrey formed in late 2023 when the creative minds of seasoned musicians Ian Field-Richards and Clive Withers joined forces. The creative sparks between the two led to the recording of ‘Burden’ by Outrun the Day, another project, in the summer of 2023, but it did not end there. While initially conceived as part of the next Outrun the Day album, it quickly became evident that the new material was slower, darker, and heavier, necessitating a distinct musical identity.

Credit: Photo provided by band

The recording process was a crucible that forged an intense synergy between Ian Field-Richards and Clive Withers' creative minds. Drawing inspiration from bands such as Crowbar and Conan, they have carved out a unique sonic space with profound lyrical content.


Well of Souls’ starts with the track 'Superlithic', a song full of so much sludge from start to finish that it’ll make you think you’ve landed in the mud pits of Louisiana. 'Southern Star' rounds out the EP with raw aggression and crunching guitars. From start to finish, this EP was an electric experience filled with pounding riffs, walls of fuzz, and screaming solos. It was just so good. I really enjoyed listening to it.


The best part was the absolute crushing riffs and walls of fuzz that wrap around you like a blanket of chainsaws—almost like a cocoon of sound. It is reminiscent of metal greats such as Pantera, Black Sabbath, and Mayhem. I enjoyed how such a range of influences were integrated into the music. These musicians are damn talented.

'Empire', by far, is my favorite track on the EP, but listen to it and decide for yourself. All of the tracks are bangers. I can't wait for the full-length to be released in the fall.


The only downside of the album I could find is that some of the mix is off-balance. The guitar and drums overpower the bass and vocals in certain pieces of the songs. I think the bass and vocals should be raised, just a tad more. This would allow the mix to be evenly balanced musically and vocally. Tonality would be helped because it would create a fatter sound to cover all foundations of the track. At the same time, the vocals would allow itself to hover over the pounding tones of the music.


The foundations laid by Eldergrey's debut EP will undoubtedly open the door to many inspirations and concepts for future exploration. This band is one to be watched, so take note. I anticipate hearing more from Eldergrey and commend the band on a solid first effort. ‘Well of Souls’ is available to stream now, so be sure to add it to your list of new music to check out. This EP is a journey worth taking.




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*cover photo provided by band

Nick Cline is the powerhouse behind the Louisiana-based band, Phantum Sun, and loves checking out new music. Got something you think he'd like? Email us at

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