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Atlanta Rhythm Section brings a local twist to their popular hits at Mars Music Hall

Bud Gambrell

Jul 3, 2024

Huntsville, Alabama June 28, 2024

On Saturday, June 28, 2024, the Atlanta Rhythm Section returned to Huntsville, Alabama, for a sold-out show at Mars Music Hall in The Von Braun Center.

Rob Aldridge and the Proponents from Muscle Shoals, AL, kicked off the night with a high-energy set that ignited the crowd with their rock n’ roll brand. They are a must-see band if you get the chance! Their energy is intense!

When it came time for ARS to take the stage, they did so without lead singer Rodney Justo, who was absent with illness, but local favorite Dave Anderson stepped in and did a killer job. Dave has been a member of the Atlanta Rhythm Section since 2006 and never misses a beat with his performances. After a trip through time with nothing but hits, the crowd sang in unison to a spectacular night of music.

This concert was a treat for this fan and many others in attendance! See this tour when it comes to your town!

*All photos by Bud Gambrell

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