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Judas Priest: Probst Arena at Von Braun Center

Bud Gambrell

May 10, 2024

Judas Priest roll into Huntsville, AL with the Invincible Shield Tour.

For many concert goers, such as myself, Tuesday, May 7th gave us a chance once again to witness the metal monsters Judas Priest.

This concert was a huge accomplishment for me since I have been listening to this amazing band since 1978. As a teenager, I would listen to Stained Class, Hell Bent for Leather and Unleashed in the East in my room as my parents would yell to turn it down.

My friends and I got to see Judas Priest Live in the early and mid-80s. For Tuesday's concert, though, I was back as not just a fan, but as a photographer. Being in the pit taking pictures of Rob Halford was an apex moment for me and

Judas Priest did not disappoint! All these years later, Rob Halford can still carry every single note high and low. In many cases of rock singers, that does not happen. Rob Halford is still the reigning Metal God.

The show was spot on. The band covered songs from every era old and new. They even played three songs from the new album, Invincible Shield. If you haven’t heard it yet, go get it!

If this tour comes to a town near you, do yourself the favor of buying the ticket. This show is definitely one you do not want to miss.

*All photos by Bud Gambrell

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