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Off the Charts

Bud Gambrell

Mar 17, 2023

Coming Soon!

Hello to all! I hope you are here and curious about what Off The Charts is. Well, I’m going to attempt to explain what our goals here are.

I am glad you’re here! My name is Bud Gambrell and I live in North Alabama. I am a published writer in several magazines and I have written a book, too. I also am a photographer who shoots mainly concerts big and small. In this maiden voyage of Off The Charts, I will attempt to lay out what you can expect from this column.

What you will read here will be about bands that you may never have heard of from Alabama and the surrounding areas. That’s the point of the title. Off The Charts. The title embodies my goal. The bands included here are not on the charts, yet. I will be attempting to expose lesser-known acts with the hopes of you discovering new music that you enjoy.

The articles that will periodically be posted here may include a concert review with pictures. Pictures are my favorite! The articles may also include interviews with any artists who are willing to sit down and have a talk. I may even branch out and attempt to get news out about new releases including singles and albums. Yes, I’m old school. I still call them albums. Listening to a new streaming release will be a good way to discover exactly what you are looking for.

When I was first approached about starting this column, the intent was to focus on Outlaw Country. I thought, what a great idea! Then, as I thought more about it, I felt that there is so much more good music out there that deserves exposure. The genres that you can expect to read about will include Outlaw Country as well as good old Rock ‘N Roll. You will read about Southern Rock which is one of my favorites, too. We may even dive into some Blues. The point is to expose those hard-working men and women out there hustling to keep us entertained.

One thing that you will not see here is critique. I am not a critic, so I’ll spare you reading about me pretending to be. I’m not here to criticize any musician. I’m here to help expose them and the wonderful work that they do. I’m a music lover. I’m a live music lover. Anyway, it almost seems that you would have to dislike music a little bit to sit back and pick someone’s art apart. Or you feel like you’re better at it than they are. Right?

Another thing that you will not see here is major national recording bands. I would have to come up with another name. Remember, we are Off The Charts here. We don’t want to write about those bands. What could I say that hasn’t already been said and that you’ve read elsewhere?

So, this section will inform you of your role in this column. Send me an email and tell me the bands that you love that may be lesser known. Maybe your favorite local band is releasing a new album soon. Tell me about it, so I can tell others. Maybe you are a musician that wants to spread the word about yourself or your band. You know the next line. Send me an email. We may even arrange an interview.

When you stop by, grab yourself a cold beer. Grab that glass of wine. Grab whatever you indulge in to medicate your mind. Hopefully, I will turn you on to some new tunes that you can kick back and listen to and enjoy. Come happy and leave happier. Besides, we are all friends here.

See you next time!


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