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What Do a Musician, an Indie Label, and a Video Game Have in Common?

What Do a Musician, an Indie Label, and a Video Game Have in Common?

Nicole Brice

Oct 18, 2022


Jeremy Pourcy is what you might call a veteran of the local music scene in South Louisiana. He originally started out with Knever in 2001 and continues making music with his very own metal band Jrago, in addition to playing bass with the First Baptist Church Worship Team in Denham Springs, LA. And did I mention he is developing his very first video game, Jrago – The Demon Hunter? Because he sure is!

Jeremy was previously involved with bands Eden, The Mysterious Stranger, Ambassador, and Branded for Exile. Multi-talented and multi-faceted doesn’t even begin to cover what all this man is about. We recently sat down with Jeremy to pick his brain on many topics, and he was incredible!

Set to release a new album on December 16, 2022, Jrago and Jeremy Pourcy are a MUST on your worth-checking-out list.

credit: Gary Governale

MaM: Give us a short bio of everything you have been involved in. I’ve been reading up on you and you’ve been on the scene for many years.

JP: Well, in 2001, I joined my first real band called KNEVER playing bass. The lineup was Jason Ourso on vocals, Rusty Laughlin on guitar, and Jon Maher on Drums. I attended high school with Jason and Rusty, so that’s how we knew each other. After a few years, we added Cody DeRouen on guitar. During this time, we almost got a record deal, which failed, but it led to me starting an Indie label called Jrago Records. By 2004, we ended up replacing Rusty on guitar with a dear friend of ours named Luke Fauver. We had played shows with his other band, Caustic 6, but unfortunately in the summer of 2006, Luke passed away and the band broke up.

MaM: …and then from there, you created Eden with your wife, correct?

JP: Yes, later that year in 2006, I married my wife, Kelly Smith, and we began to write and record music together. We called our project Eden, and it was mainly just writing and recording at home.

MaM: After Eden, you had quite a long list of projects.

credit: Gary Governale

JP: Yes, I did. So, in 2007, I got a call from Jason Ourso, and he was starting up a new rock band and needed a bass player. It was called Murder on Sunday, which would eventually be renamed to The Mysterious Stranger. My time in the band was short lived, however, and I was replaced with another bassist.

A couple of years later, I was invited to play for an A Perfect Circle cover band called Sea of Names (Mer de Noms). The line-up was Rusty Laughlin on vocals, Adam Shelton on guitar, and Jeremy Rasti on drums. I was playing bass and keyboards. We never played any shows, but we had a good 10 songs we practiced for several months.

MaM: It was about this time that you guys decided to bring Knever back, right?

JP: Rusty and I joined Jon and Cody again, but this time Rusty was singing. We called it Never Again as a bit of a joke. By 2011, it was finally show ready, but I ended up leaving the project after the birth of my daughter.

MaM: And when did Ambassador come about—after the reunion of Knever?

JP: 2015 – I get a call from Jason Ourso once again, and he’s starting a new rock band. This time, with Gabriel Vicknair on vocals and Ean Savoy on drums. That was the beginning of Ambassador … but, then in 2016, Knever was back in action and needed a new bassist, so I joined them once again.

In 2018, Kelly and I released our third Eden album, Window, and Ambassador released its first album, Belly of the Whale. Coincidentally, Knever also released an album, which was to become the final album, The Collection.

credit: Gary Governale

MaM: So, what happened in 2019? I know a good bit went down but tell me a little more.

JP: Well, in 2019, Ambassador gave me the boot, developing problems in Knever led to a breakup again, and I started to play with Branded for Exile for a few months but then ended up leaving that, too.

So, by 2020, I was pretty much all alone musically and was trying to record a song unsuccessfully. After a few months, I got a call from Jon Maher, who also left Branded for Exile, and eventually we got our song “Into the Precipice” recorded. And that was the start of Jrago.

MaM: Obviously, Jrago’s name is a play on your own name and you guys have been releasing songs like crazy. I can’t even keep up. Give us a little more info.

JP: With Jrago, we decided to treat each song like an album and release them all as singles. This method of writing and recording allowed us to focus on each song individually. By the summer of 2021, we had six songs finished and decided to put out some CD’s (yes, I realize it’s an outdated medium these days, but we’re kind of old skool). So, our first album was called Destruction Breeds Creation. Our second album will feature eight songs and it’s called Disconnect. We have the release planned for December 16, 2022.

credit: Gary Governale

MaM: So, you obviously do everything yourself, which I admire tremendously. I, myself, am the same way. What recording software do you prefer to use?

JP: I use Apple’s Logic software for recording. As far as why? I had previously used Apple’s “Garageband” software, and the interface and button configurations are similar. In Jrago, my main goal was to be able to write, record, mix, master, and produce music without having to get anyone else involved.

MaM: What has been the biggest obstacle musically since starting Jrago?

JP: Guitar. Without a doubt, guitar. Being a bass player, it took quite a bit of practice to get my first guitar chops up to par to be taken seriously. Even now, I still consider myself amateur at best. In addition, vocals and lyrics were tough, too. Jon had been doing back-up vocals in our previous projects, and now he was able to shine as Lead Vocalist. So, both Jon and I are stepping out of our comfort zones and filling multiple roles in this project. While it’s difficult sometimes, it has allowed us to both grow musically.

credit: Gary Governale

MaM: As far as inspiration, from whom or where do you draw inspiration?

JP: I believe music comes from God. As far as my influences, it would have to be my friends and fellow musicians. Growing up in South Louisiana, there has always been a ton of fresh, original bands all around me. I, honestly, listen to more local music and band room/live recordings than I do mainstream releases. If I had to list some big bands that inspired me, it would have to be Metallica, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Avenged Sevenfold, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Killswitch Engage, Dredg, Evanescence, Fear Factory, Time of Grace, The Empire Shall Fall, 18 Visions, 36 Crazyfists, Blindside, and Pink Floyd just to name a few.

Be sure to check out and follow Jrago on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram for the latest on upcoming releases and shows!

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credit: Gary Governale

*All photos by Gary Governale*

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