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Nick's Corner: Playlist Picks for June 7th

Nick Cline

Jun 7, 2024

New music sure to get your pulse going!

The world of music is vast and extravagant; you never know what is out there locally and nationally. This will be the first in a weekly run of articles that tackle bringing local and national acts, both in the indie and major label scenes, into the same conversation. This conversation is vital to building the scenes from around the country. Five weekly songs will act as a list of recommendations to listen to and give exposure. Every song will be followed by mini-reviews, which will guide and support the tracks.


Pieces by We All Perish

Deets about the track:

Pieces by We All Perish is a superb mix of metalcore and modern-day influences from across multiple rock bands and sub-genres. Right from the start, this track hits you right in the face with a solid, hard-hitting rhythm section that tackles great with the down-tuned riffs. As soon as the vocals kick in, the music creates this sonic bond that creates an epic and larger-than-life sound. The pre-chorus releases a building tension when the vocals come out on the chorus.


The more the song progresses, the more the musicianship shines because the intense bond between lyrics, music, and vocals is felt with every passing second of the track. This is one of the most solid picks for your daily playlist in the local scene. It would be welcomed amongst some of the best major label bands, and they are located right in your backyard of Louisiana.


Toe by The Posts

Deets about the track:

Groove and psychedelics are at the forefront of The Posts' track. Toe is a mix of funky rhythms, 90s-era vocals, and an overall sense of modernity with a flair of the psychedelic era from the 1960s to the present. All across the board, Toe brings the listener into a world of sonic synchronicity, mellowed-out vocals, and rhythm that could get into a new dimension.


This track's production is top-notch. For lovers of Jefferson Airplane, The Who, and Pink Floyd, it will prove a dynamic and loved addition to your everyday playlist. No matter what period of music you prefer, The Posts will offer something for you, and Toe is only one of many examples to dig into.


F*ck My Life Up Again by Marcus King

Deets about the track:


The beauty of this track is matched by the upset of the whole project. The melodies and lyricism collide to create this melancholy overarching tone. Heartache is felt in every line sung and every note played. The tension between anger and sadness is felt in the production, vocal tones, and music itself.


The production and mixing are a testament to the lightning in a bottle caught between Rick Rubin and Marcus King's creative minds. This track will be a welcome addition to just about anybody looking for a song filled with heartache, soul, and feeling understood in a dark time.


Take a Bow by Mammoth WVH

Take a Bow by Wolfgang Van Halen
Click to listen

Deets about the track:

Take A Bow is a track executed with just the right amount of musical talent, emotionally charged lyricism, and powerful vocals. It is set to an emotional standard because it is one of Wolfgang Van Halen's many testaments to his late father, Eddie Van Halen. It becomes a tornado of pounding riffs and steady driving rhythm while, at the same time, becoming a true standard of Wolfgang's love of his family's legacy.


This track would be a great addition to a playlist for anybody who enjoys early Van Halen and modern hard rock. There is something for all levels of rock enthusiasts, and the love and passion for music and its legacy shared by all band members are unmatched.


Sun Goes Down by The Main Squeeze

Deets about the track:

Sun Goes Down is an almost ten-minute powerhouse of a song off The Main Squeezes album, "To Be Determined…." It starts with a soulful synth that sets the tone for the guitar and another instrument to follow suit. The masterful tone and style of the guitar player make the song cry before the vocals even start on the track. The Instrumental progresses to the almost three-minute mark, which marks the time the vocals come into play. The bond between melodies and rhythm builds a soulful psychedelic epic that builds intensity as the song progresses.


The chorus is a conjoined wall of vocals and powerful music. Once the vocals are over, the song returns to its instrumental basis and goes into a screaming guitar solo. The guitar is reminiscent of how Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb strikes you as the outro solo soars into the mix. This would be a soulful slot into your daily playlist. It hits all the spots of soul, rock n roll, psychedelic, gospel, and so much more, all wrapped into one package.

Nick Cline is the powerhouse behind the Louisiana-based band, Phantum Sun, and loves checking out new music. Got something you think he'd like? Email us at

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