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Baquenne: Soothing, Ethereal Music

Nicole Brice

Jul 31, 2023

The music of Baquenne is diverse and intricately constructed

Soothing, laid-back, feel-good music with upbeat vocals, catchy hooks, and ethereal guitar sounds: That’s the music of Baquenne. A band from Asbury Park, New Jersey, drawing inspiration from classic rock to 90's alt rock, the band is comprised of Liam Moroney on lead vocals, Eric Rudic on guitar, Chad Sabo on bass, and Santo Rizzolo on drums.


Baquenne’s music reminds me of the tunes you would hear as a backdrop to a film about being at the fair on the boardwalk while enjoying ice cream on a beautiful, bright sunny day. From the howling guitars on “Mountain #1,” which are soothing and evoke memories of playing outside as a child, to the stomping intro on “Baby You’re Mine,” which features a rhythmic opening building to a strong chorus of loud guitars and danceable beats, this band has something for everyone in terms of musical diversity: They’re poppy, they’re fun, and their music is just plain good.

credit: Jeff Crespi


Another track of theirs, “Dead,” is a guitar-infused slow jam with introspective lyrics that calm you and sounds like the perfect soundtrack to taking a drive down country roads with the windows down and your hand waving in and out of the breeze as you cruise along. And, Liam’s vocals are soft and mellow and have just the right amount of intensity for songs intricately constructed about life and loss. Hauntingly reminiscent of Brendan B. Brown of Wheatus, Liam Moroney has the perfect voice to sing alt-rock, and I truly enjoy listening to him.


The band began during the pandemic and has just begun with the guys continually writing and recording material as well as playing shows. Currently, their catalog consists of five singles available via Apple Music and Spotify with clever album art for each single released. The cover is nothing more than a simple band logo against a backdrop of a solid color that varies with each release ala the style of Weezer. If you remember, Weezer has done the same album art for several releases but with each one showing a different color with the guys wearing different outfits and looking just slightly different. It is pure brilliance in its simplicity and it’s clever branding, too.

credit: Jeff Crespi


A quick search on YouTube pulls up Baquenne’s video for “This is Life”, a song that begins with a mellow opening only to build to grungy guitar fuzz and visuals of Liam driving in the car, playing guitar on a bench in the snow, with Eric lingering nearby in a covered bus stop. The guys look like they’re freezing, but with all the winter gear they’re sporting, I’m sure they did just fine.


To see more of the band, check out, “Mountain #1”, which is a performance vid showing the band in action. I really dug this song, and I think you will, too.

A friend turned me on to Baquenne’s music and I’ve been a fan ever since, so I wanted to share them with you, the readers of Mixed Alt Mag, so you could add another band to your rotation of tunage.


I recently had the opportunity to chat with Liam and Eric at length and these guys are humble, fun, and down to earth. I’ve included the answers to a couple of questions that were thrown their way so check it out. Baquenne is creating music that is different, quirky, and just plain enjoyable. I have a feeling we’ll be listening to their music for many more years to come.



MaM: Where did the band name come from? It’s so unique!


Liam: So, the short answer is we just like the way the name looks. It’s not a real word as you know. And it came about during the mixing of one of our songs. 

credit: Jeff Crespi


MaM: When is the new single coming out or when can we expect new music?


Liam: We are working really hard to have a single out by mid-September with an EP to follow shortly after. We’re putting the finishing touches on those tracks now. 


MaM: If you could share the stage with any current band, who would it be?


Liam: As far as sharing the stage, quite frankly the list is endless. There are many bands that are putting on great shows and we’re always trying to create a fun atmosphere during our live set. We would love the play with bands like the Pixies and Weezer, who both are coming to our area in the near future. 

credit: Jeff Crespi


MaM: What are the future aspirations for the band?


Liam: Since this band is relatively new our immediate goals are to really keep creating and spreading the word. We want to play to new audiences and take this thing as far as we can. 

To experience Baquenne’s music for yourself, hit one of the links below! We’re certain you’ll be adding their music to your collection after engrossing yourself in their tunes!






Instagram: @baquenne • Instagram photos and videos


Spotify: Baquenne | Spotify

Apple Music: Baquenne on Apple Music

*cover photo by Jeff Crespi

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