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The Enigma of XEMNAS: Turning Pain into Art

Nicole Brice

Apr 11, 2024

The music of XEMNAS is a transcendent journey through sound.

From Elizabeth, New Jersey, and currently residing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we bring you an up-and-coming talent who goes by the name of XEMNAS. At 26 years old, XEMNAS is a powerhouse when it comes to writing and producing his music. Taking his stage name from the video game “Kingdom Hearts,” XEMNAS is churning out music on his terms and making a name for himself in the underground music scene, with numerous collaborations already taking place. If I were to describe the music of XEMNAS, I would have to say it is hardcore with an artistic edge, and he has carved out a niche that defies categorization. Each track feels like a scene from an epic film, evoking a range of emotions and imagery and transporting you to an otherworldly realm.

Credit: Facebook

Having worked with Yung Oxzy, 4700RSIN, END HIM!, Kairo Kitana, Levi Zadoff, Butterfly, and AUDREYISAROSE, XEMNAS is currently working on more features from artists this year, including a feature with Frankie from Emmure. Recent releases include the tracks "Myhearthurts,"  “Idontwannadie”, and “Dear God,"  which are available to stream on Apple Music now.

Myhearthurts” begins as a hauntingly beautiful guitar track and maintains the pace throughout with lyrics speaking of survival, love, and perseverance. It is a departure from some of XEMNAS’ other works but is perfect in its simplicity. “Idontwannadie” has a dance beat and sounds nothing like previous releases from XEMNAS. It’s more in vain with electronic body music, or EBM. I will say that with every release from XEMNAS, no two tracks sound the same, which I love. I never know what the sound experience will be like when I listen to a new track from XEMNAS.

With a knack for throwing his entire heart, soul, and being into everything he creates XEMNAS’ passion shines and exemplifies perseverance in a market currently oversaturated with talent. Ethereal electronic soundscapes make up the brunt of XEMNAS’ music, with an enigmatic persona adding an extra layer of intrigue to the music. With all he has created and continues to create, one must ask, “Who is XEMNAS?”. With a penchant for anonymity, XEMNAS chooses to let his art speak for itself, allowing you to be fully immersed in the sonic universe that has been crafted.

We had the opportunity to speak with the masterful and mysterious XEMNAS at length recently about anything and everything. He truly is a remarkable being with a larger-than-life presence. Take a moment to learn a little more below.


MaM: Let’s just dive right in, shall we? “Iwannacry!"—the inspiration behind the song? How did the concept all come together? By the way, I really dig this track. 

XEMNAS: “Iwannacry!” is a big letter to myself. I felt lost and forsaken and just wanted to give up until I started listening to some of my favorite old bands and fell in love with music all over again, then boom! I just started writing and haven’t stopped. I’ve been getting very personal with this music lately because I want to connect with more people through my art. 

MaM: How would you describe the music that you make?

XEMNAS: That’s a tough question. I don’t like to put myself in a genre or box, but I lean more towards Midwest Emo and metalcore with a dab of post-hardcore. I just enjoy making art, truly. All kinds.

Credit: Facebook


MaM: Who do you draw inspiration from lyrically and vocally?

XEMNAS: Lyrically, I pull inspiration from the darkest and hardest moments of my life, but I like to take the negative aspects and try to convert them into something more beautiful. Vocally, I pull inspiration from bands like Bring Me The Horizon, Pierce The Evil, Deftones, This Wildlife, Dice, and also from more modern artists like JuiceWrld, SoFaygo, SuicideBoys, XXXXTentacion, and Lil Peep. 

MaM: Who or what are your songs about?

XEMNAS: My songs are the leftover and in-the-moment emotions from my pain down to my happiest moments. My songs are my deepest secrets, feelings, and fantasies. Sometimes it’s the anger or sadness from a situation where someone hurt you, or sometimes it’s words we never get to say to someone, but my music is my story. 

Photo provided by artist

MaM: That’s incredible. I see you have the “Gemini” EP out, but do you have plans to record an album in the future?

XEMNAS: The “Gemini” EP project helped me find the sound and direction for my music that I really wanted to be remembered for. It has been a journey. I have been working on two albums in secret, actually, and I’ll be posting more about that after I’m done touring for the next few months.

MaM: Where did you record your material or music?

XEMNAS: I’m not gonna lie, making music is very personal for me, and it’s hard to find an engineer who can truly see my vision, so I set up my studio and engineer myself. Much more of a reward when you put out a song with sweat and tears. 

Photo provided by artist

MaM: Are you currently performing any live shows? Where have you played recently?

XEMNAS: I’ve been doing a lot of shows recently. I played in Vegas with Nascar Aloe and in LA with Kxllkodi and Lil Tracy. More recently, though, I’ve been playing underground shows in South Florida, mainly because I just moved out here. I plan to start touring on April 14, so stay tuned! 

Credit: Facebook

MaM: What are you currently working on creatively?

XEMNAS: As of recently, I’ve been experimenting with styles as I’ve learned that I can train my voice to sound like whatever I want, but my favorite projects would be my alternative and acoustic art. These new projects allowed me to dive deeper into myself and show my fans a different side of me. I just released four new songs on all platforms: Dear God, Myhearthurts, and Hell Girl (my favorite). The plan is also to release a song every week until the tour starts.  

MaM: What are your aspirations for the future?

XEMNAS: I’ve been doing a lot of underground shows and festivals and slowly being placed on bigger stages with bigger names. My next move is to play a huge festival like Rolling Loud and take my art overseas, but it would be even cooler if they brought back Warped Tour because I’ve always wanted to perform on a stage there.



As XEMNAS continues pushing boundaries with music and mystery, one thing remains certain: this journey is far from over. With each new release, the listener is encouraged to explore the depths of imagination and embrace the unknown, reminding us that in the vast expanse of the musical universe, anything is possible.

To experience the music of XEMNAS, just hit one of the links below and then go follow him on social media.




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