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Vatic Decryption Releases First EP

Nicole Brice

Oct 5, 2022

Disfigured in Eternity is out NOW!

Vatic Decryption has released their long awaited and much anticipated first EP and it does not disappoint.

With the opening track, the fierce sound hits you right in the cojones for a musical journey that is best enjoyed LOUD and with the volume turned all the way up.

Vatic Decryption is a Death Metal band based out of Baton Rouge, LA and comprised of Jacob Meche (vocals), Carl Coates (Guitar / Bass), and Mike Poole (drums).

To check out their first EP, head on over to

Artwork by Tata Kumislizer

Recording and Production:

Recorded at StudioDudio

-Engineered by Brian Domingue and Connor Guiberteau

-Mixed and Mastered by Connor Guiberteau

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