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Branded for Exile: A Force in Louisiana Metal

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On the Rise: RobenX

SÖŪP: A Rich Tapestry of Musical Expression

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Way Back When
Parallel Lines
The Links - Try to Change (Official Video)

The Links - Try to Change (Official Video)

Official video for "Try to Change" off of The Links' new album OUTSIDE - now available on all major streaming & download platforms! Featuring scenes from 60s horror classic Carnival of Souls as well as live footage from the band's recent shows and masterful slides from Dave Danzara aka Lost in Time Design Hear the new record here: THE LINKS began back in the early 2010s playing gigs in the Lafayette/Louisiana area and soon turned to creating their debut album. Fast-forward to 2019/2020, line-up changes and a shift in musical direction established their trajectory for this new chapter. Throughout 2021, the band poured their energy into creating Outside. Musically, the trio draw inspiration from the likes of DEFTONES, RADIOHEAD and SMASHING PUMPKINS, while adding their own psychedelic twist. Over their career THE LINKS have performed at Cajun Dome and have opened for national touring acts DAIKAIJU and RICKSHAW BILLIE'S BURGER PATROL on several occasions. Their latest full-length, Outside, is perhaps the group's most cohesive and defining album to date. The album delves into decidedly darker, some might say sinister territory with songs like "Contradiction" and "Calice" to name a few. The album hit streaming/download services and other online stores on October 6th, 2023 and is currently being promoted by the band. Fans of post-punk surf rock jangle pop madchester art rock or more specifically bands like R.E.M. The Smiths Talking Heads Interpol The Strokes Radiohead Primal Scream The Stone Roses Blur The Byrds Husker Du or Suede may find something to like in Lafayette's premiere spacey psych rock britpop delights The Links! Thank you for watching & listening #britpop #psychrock #altpop
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